Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

‘Destiny 2’ Game Review

Find out why “Destiny 2” is so much more than its predecessor.

The Beginning of “A World Without Light”

In Destiny 2 you start off with a cinematic that shows all of the towers radar systems completely offline, and then as the Vanguard team comes together and sees the large pack of Cabal ships incoming, they brace for impact. Zavala the Titan and leader of the Vanguard Team, pops a Ward of Dawn bubble around himself so that he can resist the rockets from hitting the civilians, Ikora, and Cayde (who are the Warlock and Hunter of the Vanguard Team).

You then come into play and must work your way through killing Cabal until you learn they are the so-calledA?”Red Legion”. The Red Legion have never lost a single war and the reason why is because when they leave a planet they leave nothing behind, they do thisA?by destroying it with a massive weapon named “The Almighty”.

Eventually, you fight through to get greeted by the Antagonist Ghaul (or Gary), who says the line “WelcomeA?to a world without light”. Then as your ghost mentions that somethings wrong and drops to the ground, your guardian doubles over and seems to be weak as the light falls away. You then begin to drag your ghost backA?but youA?are kickedA?and pushed off the edgeA?with your ghost falling withA?you.

Taking the fight back

You then proceed to find Hawthorne, who helps guide you to travel and gain your light back from a shard that fell from the “Traveler” aka the star that gives you your light back. With your light back you find a beacon that leads to a signal from Titan, a hive infested planet where you meet Commander Sloane. After Titan, you are sent off by Zavala to find Ikora and Cayde.

You find Cayde stuck in a Vex teleportation trap on the planet Nessus, and meet the AI Failsafe who is bipolar but leads you to Cayde. You then have to save him from the teleportation trap.A?After this Al FailsafeA?tells you, that youA?will find Ikora on Io. Once on Io you find the Red Legion, but soon come into the presence ofA?the Taken. Around this time you also come into realizationA?that the Travelers light is being manipulated, leaving you to fight through. At this timeA?Ikora mentions she has yet one life to give because of how many times she has died.

Ikora then comes with you to help Zavala and Cayde plan out the attack to reclaim the Traveler and the Tower from the Red Legion. From here you go on missions to take out the Almighty and then Ghaul.A?Accomplishing this, theA?Tower and Traveler are restored as Ghaul fades away being eaten away by the Travelers light.

How Destiny is improved

Destiny 2 Fills in the holes of its Predecessor. It has a better story with more fleshed out characters and a better loot system than that of Destiny 1.A? The Crucible and Strikes give tokens that allow you to build rep up until you get a Legendary Engram with the likes of a package from Destiny 1. Bungie also improved gunplay to be more addicting and varied. One problem it has, is in some areas it’s dead with almost nothing there to see or interact with, while in other areas, you’ll see an overwhelming amount of things to do.

The story has much more heart put into it than its predecessor. You can see this as there is cinematics that involves a wide variety of characters that either tell more about themselves, you, or a plotline within the story. The raid itselfA?is very interesting as it incorporates several concepts that are new and are tougher than usual. As expected there is a raid exotic and several other exotic quests, but the most interesting have to be the several exotic items in Destiny 2 that were seen in Destiny 1’s game files.

The New Strikes and Revamped Crucible has to be some of the most fun parts of Destiny 2, as it is very entertaining fighting wave after wave of the enemy with so much changed to make it more exciting and riveting. You now have Crucible modes that are as follow: Clash, Countdown, and Control. You also have the equivalent of Trials of Osiris but it is now called, Trials of the Nine.


I’d say Destiny 2 fills the holes inside the hearts of many fans that were disappointed by Destiny 1’s lack to live up to most of its hype. While still a great game to many people,A? it had many downfalls and its player base fluctuated frequently losing and gaining players because of balance issues. Destiny 2 will have many more DLC’s that will be enjoyed and hopefully will live up to the hype and potential it has but that is for us to see.

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