Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

Here are some tricks and tips to be better at Clash of Clans.

Tips and Tricks for Clash of Clans


When setting up your base, no matter what TH (Townhall) level you are, make sure your loot storage locations are protected. That’s a given.

Never leave defenses out in the open. Easy targets get your base wiped out easily which makes it harder when you loose that loot.

Max everything you can before your TH. If you jump the TH your base is then known as “Rushed,” which leads you to being raided a lot easier.

Farming Base

Farming bases is basically leaving your TH outside the walls whether its close to your base or out in a corner.

The purpose of putting your TH on the outside is so the attacker gets their stars they seek and not the rest of your base. Which means better protected loot.

That is not always guaranteed! People may still raid your whole base, but TH’s outside decrease the likelihood.

Do not put your storages in a group. Keep them separated. If they “snipe” your TH, they can easily raid your loot and get more loot together then they would if they were separated.

Yet if you get them grouped and they fully raid your base they can clear out one side and leave your loot clear for the attacker to take.

Keep your Air Defenses (AD) and Mortars towards the center yet near wizards towers archer towers and canons so they don’t get taken out easily.

Wizard towers are splash damage never have them on the outside of the walls. Most effective when close to mortars.

Trophy base

Keep CC (Clan Castle) as close to the center as possible as long as you keep defense troops in there it will strengthen your classes.

If your TH7+ keep your teslas closer to your TH. Once TH is destroyed its an automatic star.

Keep defenses seperate and not grouped into one area as well as your storages.

Collectors and mines can remain outside the walls to save space for protecting your defenses.

Suggestion(this is not important) Put builder huts in corners. Because they can sometimes be the difference in getting 3 stars by those last few seconds of the attack.

Make sure AD’s are well defended a lot of people choose to do air raids then they do ground especially after TH7.

Keep the mortars as close together but not separated from the rest of the defenses, strongest when closest to Wizard Towers.

War Base

War bases are much different from your normal base.

In war you do not loose any personal loot so why keep storages inside walls to waste space where you could be defending your defenses better with the walls.

In war people prefer air raids so a mix of wizards and archers close to the Air defense is your strongest part but also make sure your ground defenses are protected as well and are in a well set up location.

Raids and Troops

Best troops used for raids is a mix of Minions and balloons. Healing and rage spells.

All Dragons- All Rage spells.

Hogs And Dragons. Healing and rage spells.

When raiding, take the beginning 15 seconds to examine the base and figure out the weak point. Plan as much as you can before the raid begins.

War Attacks

Do not forget to request for clan castle troops before you raid! Many people get to eager and forget to request for clan castle troops.

Clan castle troops can be that small difference in getting you those 3 stars.

Plan before you attack. Do not attack a base you are unsure of 3 starring. If its a maybe go lower until its a yes.

Newest update features

Air Sweeper: Useful or Useless?

     The Air Sweeper gives no defense damage at all. It pushes any Air troops back every few seconds, but the Air troops still have those gaps of sweeps to still move forward.

    So the Air Sweeper is powerless, it only slows them down.

Clan Bookmarks

    For those that clan hop between friend clans it is useful. Easier find for all the clans you like to visit.

War Troops

     Before you attack in war, a list pops up allowing you to see what you have before you attack. Definite win!

     No more forgetting useful items such as hero’s and CC Troops.

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