What the Black Ops 3 beta taught us

The Black Ops 3 beta was released, and we have a summary of what it showed.

The Black Ops 3 beta has finally arrived!

The Black Ops 3 beta was released August 26 and it has shown its audience a lot about what to expect.

When you first enter the game you have the option to choose what they call a specialist.

The specialist you choose will be your character until you unlock more with unlock tokens.

Each specialist has it’s own unique ability they can use.

First you have your call sign Outriders:

Sparrow: The sparrow uses a compound bow that fires bolted arrows, and when in range, enemies will explode on impact. The longer it’s drawn, the higher the range.

Vision Pulse: A pulse released that highlights over the enemy team If within close range.

Next call signs are the Prophet:

Tempest: Holds a charge-shot weapon that fires a bolt of electricity lethally shocking the enemy and chaining to nearby enemies.

Glitch: A flash back to a previous position while keeping all other conditions intact.

Callsign Battery is one tough chick:

War Machine: Holds a grenade launcher that fires bouncing grenades which detonate after a short time or by hitting an enemy directly.

Kinetic Armor: Reactive armor that deflects enemy bullets away from the body. Still vulnerable to head shots and non-bullet damage while active.

For CallSign Ruin its one tough man:

Gravity Spikes: Spikes that create an explosive shockwave once slammed into the ground destroying all enemies close in range.

Overdrive: Cybernetic leg upgrades that enable a temporary burst of speed.

There are 5 other callsigns that you must obtain through leveling up:

Searph: Level 22

Nomad: Level 28

Reaper: Level 34

Spectre: Level 40

Classified:  Unkown

Under each call sign, there are 2 choices of specialists and their abilities can only be used after a full charge. You gain the charge by getting kills. It’s similar to a kill streak, but the points don’t have to be consecutive.

There was a good selection of guns on hand for players to choose from.

Sub-machine Guns:

Kuda: Full-auto sub-machine gun. Holds a steady fire rate with great balanced recoil.

Weevil: Another Full-auto sub-machine gun with a large magazine capacity with modest damage.

Razorback: Full-Auto sub-machine Gun with the best accuracy in the class. Mostly used for mid-range targeting.

Other sub-machine guns that were unviewable are the Vesper, VMP, and 1 classified.

Assault Rifles:

ARK-7: Fully-auto assault rifle. Fast fire rate with moderate recoil.

Man-O-War: Full-auto assault rifle. strong damge but with a slower fire rate.

HVK-30: Full-auto assault rifle. Fastest fire rate in the class. Moderate Damage.

Other assault rifles are the Sheiva. M8A7, XR-2, and 1 classified.


KRM-262: Pump-action shotgun. When enemy is in close quarters it is a 1-hit kill.

Other shotguns are Haymaker 12 and 2 classifieds.

Light Machine Guns:

BRM: Full-auto LMG Strong with damage and well balanced recoil.

Dingo: Full auto LMG. Fast fire rate with moderate recoil.

Other Light Machine Guns are 2 classifieds.

Sniper Rifles:

Locus: Bolt-action. 1 hit kill to ribs and above.

Drakon: Semi-auto. 1 hit kill to the upper chest and above.

Other Sniper rifles are the P-06 and 1 classified.

When it comes to camouflage there is no directed camouflage packs like the other Call of Duty games.

For Black ops 3 you can design your own camo using the different stencils given.

Secondary weapons include:


MR6: Semi-auto pistol. Strongest damage in class.

Other pistols involve the RK5 and the L-car 9.


XM-53: Free-Fire or Lock-on launcher. Comes equipped with a 2 rocket capacity

Other laucher is known as BlackCell.




3.Care package

4. Counter- UAV

5. Dart


7. Hellstorm

8. Lightning Strike

9. Rolling Thunder

10. Talon

11. Cerberus

12. Wraith

13. H.A.T.R

14. R.A.P.S

15. Power Core

16. G.I Unit

17. Mothership

18. CLassified

Modes shown are normal with the exception of continuing Uplink.

2 Maps mainly shown in the beta have been Hunted and Combine.

Hunted is bit trickier because there are underwater paths that people can take as well as a cave hidden behind a waterfall.

Combine is smaller complexes that have been put together to make a bigger complex with one main center. You have space to go out of map, but you would be using your wall run ability if you don’t make the landing “mistakes were made” you fall out of the map.

Another map is known as Stronghold, but the map was rarely voted in the pre-game lobby.

Hunted seemed to be the preferred map among beta testers, most likely due to the advantage of hiding in the water or because it is a small yet well covered map.

The beta ended Sunday, Aug. 30, so if you didn’t get a chance to play, we hope this summary helps you out.

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