Back to Basics ~ What Does it Mean?

“I just hear the words ‘Back to Basics’ so often that I felt someone should go into some details. Even Privates can change a squad.”

I’m sure you have heard this over and over during your time here in KSI. I know I have in the year I have been here. As I was coming up the ranks I heard this at countless Sunday squad meetings. I continued to hear this once I hit General from our Gens meetings. Everyone said “Let’s get back to basics” and that was pretty much it. I understood it to be hosting game nights, having fun and going to meetings.

Let me tell you though…it means so much more than that. It can fix your squad and your division if you really work the true plan behind it. What are the basics of KSI? They are having fun, hanging out, getting a family feel, and a little organization. Sounds super simple and easy to do, right? It is. If you truly work it. If you don’t put yourself in it, it won’t work.

First let’s focus on the having fun part. That means you have fun with members. We all know how to have fun on Xbox, but this goes beyond yourself. You have to make sure those around you are having fun as well. It is extremely important to host game nights that are fun. There should not be raging, putting people down, trash talking or anything negative. They should be fun, people can let loose and joke, but the attitude should always be kept positive and respectful.

A lot of people think hanging out with your squad members is game nights. That’s true, but it’s only part of it. Hanging out with people means a lot more than just showing up to game nights. Invite members who are less active, inactive or new to your parties and just chat. There is no need to even be on the same game type. Ask them questions, share stories about fun times you’ve had in KSI, get and keep them interested in being here.

Getting your squad or division to have a family feel is so easy, but it takes time and dedication. What are families supposed to do? They are supposed to love and care about each other. One of my favorite things about being in KSI has been helping people get through difficult personal issues. Love those around you. Put time into them. Care and be compassionate. It is pretty easy to tell when someone is struggling. When you notice it, offer to be there and to listen if they need and then check on them later in the week. If they have an issue within KSI go the extra mile to make sure they get help and make sure it gets resolved.

Keeping things organized is fairly easy as well. We all know KSI has rules. Some may not agree with some of the rules, you may not agree with them yourself. The fact is though, they are there because they work. If you follow them yourself you set the example for those around you. If you see someone breaking the rules, call them on it right away or get an officer to deal with it. By handling things as they come you you prevent it from turning into a bigger problem down the line.

I just hear the words “Back to Basics” so often that I felt someone should go into some details. Even Privates can change a squad. Anyone can help bring a squad back to life, it just takes time and energy. If you do it from your heart it will be strong and last. Holding at least five game nights per week will help you as well since the basics of Xbox are playing games. If you are tired of your squad’s game, host a game night on other games. Make yourself available to those around you. Go out and have fun. Make some new friends in the process. Then you’ll see your squad grow stronger, your division will notice and be affected. In turn it will carry over to all of KSI. Love y’all! <3

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