August 9 Weekend Warfare Recap

Weekend Warfare for this week was a Minecraft 4-man build off, with a Movie Theme! Four teams signed up, with one coming out on top! Lets look at all the maps and see which one was the victor!

First up was KSIxConfederate, hailing from Last Strike, he chose “The Hunger Games” as his theme of choice, the build included such structures as the Training Room used before the Games began, a KSI Tribute Sculpture, Deployment Lifts made from Pistons and Redstone that carry the fighters up into the arena, as well as a fleshed out Cornucopia surrounded by chests, and topped off by a special chest containing Golden Apples!

The Arena Wall was made from Stone, more than eighty blocks tall, capped by a glass roof with the letters “KSI” etched into it.

Next was KSI The BMP’s world, hailing from Dark Legions, he and his team chose Star Wars as their theme! The line up was quite large, including the Millennium Falcon with a fully accessible interior complete with a Roosterpit! Below the Falcon was the Mos Eisley Cantina, created using various types of wool along with glowstone positioned strategically to take advantage of the “club” vibe. Outside the Cantina was a massive 1:1 scale AT-AT, flanked by two AT-ST’s.

On the right was a TIE Fighter (detailed with Imperial insignia), TIE Interceptor, and even Darth Vader’s personal TIE Fighter. Opposite these imperial vehicles were a Republic Navy ARC-170 Fighter, a Republic Gunship, as well as X and Y wing star fighters!

Also included on the world was a large Star Wars sign made from obsidian, located adjacent to a DARK LEGIONS sign made out of glowstone. A funny touch, the world creators used NPC Villagers as the “Pilots” of all of the Imperial and Rebel vehicles.

Coming in next was the team led by KSI southern 7, the Co-Division Leader of DL, who chose The Pirates of the Caribbean: Black Pearl as their film of choice to recreate. Included was the Black Pearl herself, fit with a Captains Quarters, Cargo Hold, as well as fully workable cannons fired off using levers, dispensers, and fire charges, and even the sails featured the ominous Jolly Roger flag! Behind the Black Pearl was a smaller schooner-type ship, also fit with fully workable cannon, although fired all at once using a redstone system instead of individually as with the Black Pearl.

The dock Jack Sparrow jumped onto after climbing to the top of the rigging of a sinking ship is also featured. In addition to this is a pirate town, of course featuring the needed “Ye Olde Pub” as well as a Jail, Church, Blacksmiths Shop, Bakery, Gallows, all surrounded by various residential buildings.

Last but certainly not least on the list was the world created by the “NyQuil Sucks” team, led by Naxoni of Anguish WI. He and his team chose the world-famous Titanic as their theme, it features the ship after it ripped in two, with one part of the ship floating in the ocean and the other sticking high up in the air, ready to topple over.

The ship is surrounded by life boats inhabited by screaming NPC Villages, all while the ships massive engines billow smoke into the air, represented by spider webs.  The waters surrounding the sinking ship even include main character Jack, holding onto the piece of debris along with other main character Rose. The ship also included many signs with lines of dialogue written on them, all near where the lines were said in the film, a nice touch.

After much deliberation, the guys and girls over in the Tournaments & Events Staff came to a 4-1 vote in favor of the Star Wars themed map created by KSI The BMP and his team, KSI southern 7’s Pirate-themed map coming up 2nd, and Naxoni’s Titanic recreation coming in third.

Congratulations to KSI The BMP and his team on a well-earned victory in the Minecraft Weekend Warfare Event.

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