Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

A Breakdown Of Performance Operations

Performance Operations is a large branch of KSI. Did you know it encompasses Performance Officers, the CDC, Education and Human Resources?

What Is Performance Operations?

Performance Operations is essentially the fourth branch of KSI. It oversees a large number of sub-departments or groups in the community. These are unified with one similar goal – promoting the growth and improvement of KSI’s members. The entire of PO is currently led by KSI HAVOC 7, Head of Performance Operations. Assisting him are KSI December 77, the Performance Operations Admin and two Senior Performance Officers – KSI VENUM 7 and KSI Taywick 77.

Performance Officers

Performance Officers are experienced members of the community who work one-on-one with divisions by directly assisting divisional leadership. They customarily focus on teaching the five fundamentals of running a squad, also known as S.M.A.R.T. This a acronym stands for “Security, Member Retention, Activity, Recruiting and Training.” PO’s give advice and guidance in each of these aspects to the best of their ability. They assist and advise divisional leadership in regards to squad fundamentals and bringing related content to a division. In HAVOCa??s own words, a??Performance Officers work to make sure that all members across KSI have an equal opportunity to succeed regardless of what squad or division they are apart of. All members have the right to a positive KSI experiencea??.

The Community Development Committee

The CDC is comprised of knowledgeable members of the community with a affinity for creation and organization. The team is responsible for creating the workshops and guides we use day to day. They are always looking for ways to improve on current workshops and for ideas to create new workshops. There’s even having a suggestion box if you ever want to submit an idea!

Human Resources

HR is a small team dedicated to supporting individual members throughout the community. If you or a member you know is going through a hard time, reach out to them. If they are dealing with depression, anxiety, thoughts of self-harm or suicide, the HR team wants them to know they are not alone. At the very least, this team will assist members find the help they need. They keep a long list of resources and contact information specifically designed for aiding members in the community. Sometimes all someone needs is a shoulder to lean on or an encouraging voice in a dark time. That is the purpose of KSI’s Human Resources.


Education brings programs such as LEAD to the community in order to advance the knowledge of officers, challenge the minds of leaders and create a unique dialogue not found elsewhere in the community. While this part of Performance Operations is the newest, it is sure to be one of the key components moving forward as the staff grows. 2019 is sure to bring new programs and fresh ideas to KSI.

In Closing

Performance Operations is striving to expand the potential of KSI. Progression from where it is at present to where it might be in the future. By improving our members experiences in any way possible, we can truly reach what it means to have Knowledge, Strength and Integrity throughout the community.


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