Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Department History: KSI Courts

“I love the truth. If you don’t tell me the truth, you’re gonna be eating your shoes. Promise.” (Judge Judy) Come read about KSI’s own Courts system!

How does KSI keep “the system” fair?

This is a question that has been asked time and time again. It’s not something that can just be summed up quickly but one major aspect of this is the KSI Courts.

I sat down and talked with KSI AIRBORNE 7, the current KSI Courts Head Judge, to find out exactly what it is the Courts do for this community.

The KSI Courts

I asked KSI AIRBORNE 7 in his own words, a??What are the KSI Courts? What do you all do for the members in the community?a?? His response was this:

The Courts’ main purpose in the community is to give members and former members a chance to make sure that their Blacklist (BL) or Do Not Hire, (DNH), order was done rightfully. There is a system of checks and balances in place to help eliminate any bias or claims that people were wrongfully punished. We operate on a reactive basis normally, as not every member who is Blacklisted or DNH’ed approaches the Courts. When a case is made, as Judges we collect all the information and evidence that we can gather from both parties, statements from anyone involved and use that information to make impartial decisions on what we think is correct and best for the community as a whole.

We also occasionally have appeals based on members who have been rightfully BL’ed or DNH’ed previously but are attempting to re-enter or re-contact people within KSI. We then still gather all the information we can, along with statements from others, and discuss whether this person deserves another chance around the community or whether the risk is too great and they need to remain with their status of BL’ed or DNH’ed at the time.

Next, I asked about the organization of the courts and how they operate.

Organizational Operations

As far as the hierarchy goes – with the department being smaller in size, we operate with a single Department Head and usually a number of Judges ranging from 7 or less. The KSI Courts are overseen by KSI Scotland 7, our Chief Department Manager.

The Courts are in place to make sure members are treated fairly when it comes to our very serious disciplinary actions consisting of a Blacklist or Do Not Hire. When a member commits an action against the community that is so negatively impacting and the result is so serious, the Courts are trusted to make sure it was done fairly and in time if it will continue to stand if someone appeals. The Courts give an opportunity to come back after such a ordeal but will evaluate all aspects to keep our community as strong and as safe as possible.


Recently, a new section has been added to the Courts jurisdiction known as the Records section. Here, Judges enter information following a specific format sent in via a Divisional or Department Leadership. This section is intended to give those with access toA?the sectionA?a place to review member history to aid in decision making processes regarding status of members in the community. It is also used to document negative behavior and discipline of members for future reference to benefit the community.

Session Adjourned

The Courts are a “behind the scenes Department” that – while seemingly small compared to other Departments – actually make a huge impact on this community. Even though they may not always be recognized, the Courts are a big part of the reason we are still standing all these years later. Thank you to KSI AIRBORNE 7 and the Court Judges for all they do. If you would like to know more about the Courts, check out the Court Area on the forums! Or read through our list of current Court Judges.


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