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7’s Spotlight: KSI Eyonia 7

KSI Greenday 7 interviews our latest 7’s Monthly Spotlight winner – KSI Eyonia 7. Come get to know what ES’s Divisional Leader had to say!

Into The Light

With the year 2018 over, the HSI staff would like to send it off with a bang. Showing the last 2018 7 Spotlight winner her literal Spotlight, please congratulate KSI Eyonia 7 on the win.

Eyonia is one of the longest standing 7’s in Eternal Souls. Valued highly, her members have described her as “A Div leader who gives her all” and “The only 7 running ES after many other 7’s have left”. In the last year she has survived TSB and multiple security problems, which would cause most leaders to leave, but not her.

The Interview

  • How do you feel about winning the spotlight?

“I am extremely touched and wasn’t expecting that many people to care about me so much, or even think so highly of me. I just do my job but it does make me feel like I’m doing some good.”

  • How long have you been a member in KSI?

“Since June 15th, 2017, so almost 3 years in KSI!”

  • What’s your favorite part about being a Division Leader?

“Oh geez”

  • How did you feel when you were getting promoted to Division Leader?

“Pretty excited because Kitty was able to do my promotion before she stepped down.”

  • What’s the biggest challenge you have faced being a Division Leader?

“Making all the choices and hard decisions while implementing them because I am not an assertive person.”

  • What are some challenges you have had to face in your KSI Career?

“Running the division solo for so long, multiple times, without help and having to do the same for squads.”

  • Who are some members that you have considered mentors, either past or present?

“I can’t really pinpoint one person that has influenced me the most. There have been many people that have always been there for me, as well as sort of mentored me. I know that KSI Texangel 7, KSI xKing 77, as well as KSI Badkitty 7 have been there for me the most in my KSI career. They have all been giving advice and leading me around the “Ins and Outs” of KSI.”

  • Why did you decide to become involved in Department Operations?

“Because KSI FadeZ 7 told me to!”

  • What would you consider your greatest accomplishment?

“Surviving the sanity, aiding and keeping Eternal Souls afloat with all the awesome people who have helped the division with me.”

  • What are your future goals in KSI?

“RETIREMENT!!! Just kidding, but making a lasting impact on KSI as well as eventually joining more departments!”

  • Where do you see yourself in a year?

“As a Director or solely Web Operations”

  • What kind of person would you say you are?

“Thoughtful, caring, always willing to give advice while listening to members.”

  • If you could change anything in your KSI career what would it be?

“I’m not usually a person to want to change anything. I believe that everything happens for a reason, so if we take something out we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

  • If you could change one thing in KSI today what would it be?

“The appearance that 7s are scary people when we really aren’t. We are very approachable but people are always too afraid of us when it shouldn’t be that way.”

  • Who in KSI would you want to switch places with for a day and why?

“Any Sergeant! Because then you get a free day of vacation! Haha”

  • Do you have any nicknames in the community?
    • Eyo - ALL of ES
    • E-old Cofounder
    • Eeyore – KSI Got Em 7
    • Yogurt – KSI MEEP MEEP
    • Yonie – KSI BLK JAK 7
    • Mama Eyo – KSI Stat3farm
  • Have you ever used something you’ve learned in KSI in your everyday real life?

“Communication is the biggest one because I was so anti-social, and now I’m a butterfly!”

  • If you could be any game character from your favorite video game, who would you be and why?

“Cayde or D.Va because is a smart ass and so is Cayde – 6 from destiny!”

KSI Resume

  • Past divisions
    • Eternal Souls
  • Highest Clan Ops rank
    • Division Leader
  • Department Ops rank(s)
    • HSI Staff
    • Join Area Moderator
  • Accomplishments in KSI
    • ES Hall of Fame
  • Years in the community
    • 2 years, almost 3

Forums Awards

  • Spirit Week Participant
  • Officer
  • General OTM Divisional
  • Trainer
  • New member Certified
  • Basic Training Certified
  • Squad Leadership Certified
  • Divisional Leadership Certified
  • Spring Break 2018
  • Helping Hand
  • Twitch Sub Club
  • Luci’s Side
  • Spirit Week 2018
  • Member Assistance
  • Divisional Hall of Fame
  • Fall Classic 2018
  • Legen-
  • Ripple Effect
  • On Point
  • That’s so Fetch
  • Winter is coming
  • Execute order 77
  • Committed
  • Round of Applause
  • Support Group
  • Turkey Bowl 2018
  • Train the Trainer Certified
  • 2018 OTY Runner Up
  • Monthly 7s Spotlight

Fun Info

  • Favorite Xbox game
    • Destiny 2
  • Favorite movie
    • The Greatest Showman
  • Favorite book
    • The House of Night series
  • Favorite celebrity
    • Johnny Depp
  • Favorite band
    • Don’t have one since I listen to a lot of bands and music
  • Favorite food
    • Chinese food
  • Favorite superhero
    • Thor because he’s hot!
  • Favorite animal
    • Foxes!

The HSI team would like to Congratulate the winners of the Monthly Spotlight! We look forward to many more featured members and to share their stories!

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