2021 Donor Awards & Details

A new year brings with it new Donor Awards. Check out what’s new for 2021!

Becoming a 2021 Donor

Becoming a 2021 Donor has benefits for the entire community, as well as coming with some extra incentives for yourself. Information on how to become a Donor, what benefits there are and the monthly Donor Award system will be found in this article.

One of the possible steps to become a 2021 Donor is donating $10 directly to KSI through the link below, or through the forums. Another method is Subscribing to the KSILive Twitch channel for 2 months (or 1 month at the $10 tier) or donating at least 1000 Twitch Bits to the channel. The money received through donations to the community is used for several things in giving back, the most notable being assisting in funding prizes for special events.


Becoming a 2021 Donor also comes with its fair share of cool perks. During annual events like Spirit Week or Fall Classic. Donor only events have started to be included. There is also the Donor’s Weekend event, a weekend of events specifically for Donors, as well as the Donor Hangouts. The Donor Hangouts bring the Donors and some other VIPs from the community together for gaming and conversation. In addition, Donors will also gain access to the VIP section of the forums, as well as the Donor Chat on Discord.

Monthly Donor Awards

The AAP has also instituted new Forum Awards for Donors this year. The new format goes monthly. If you donate $5 either to the KSI Paypal or subscribe to the KSILive Twitch channel during a given month. You’ll be eligible to receive the monthly award for donating during that specific month. This is to help show a bit of appreciation for those that do already donate on a regular basis. After you donate during the given month, you will need to apply for the award in the AAP section of the forums with evidence of your donation. https://www.ksiforums.org/forum/82-aap/

If you have these awards from subscribing for the specific month from last year, you may request a staff award in place of that month’s award for this year.

The awards are listed by each month below with a few example images.

  • Jan – Fresh Start
  • Feb – I Love Me
  • March – Luck of the Irish
  • April – Spring Chicken
  • May – May the 4th be with you
  • June – Out for Summer
  • July – ‘Merica
  • August – Summertime Scorcher
  • Sept – United We Stand
  • Oct – Halloween Spirit
  • Nov – Thankful for you
  • Dec – Naughty or Nice?

If you have any questions regarding the 2021 Donor system, how to become a Donor or the monthly Donor Awards feel free to reach out to KSI Starset 7 (AAP Head) or Loyalty Paradox (AAP Co-Head).

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