Where were you the eve of the 2019 award show? Miss anything? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Details inside!

It was an eventful night and the Twitch stream was burgeoning with people excited to support this amazing community, their Divs, and their friends. The atmosphere was jovial and celebratory as we watched the hosts of the show announce OTY winners and runner ups as well as a few well deserved promotions. There were also a few important announcements and even a new event coming to start off the new year with a bang!

A Special Thank You

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard bringing this award show together. There is so much work from so many dedicated people that goes into putting a ceremony like this together. From our streamers to our hosts and the plethora of people who gather information to make this show happen. Thanks to each and every one of you!

Cupid’s Clash

Who has a brand spanking new event? We all do! Cupid’s Clash will go live February 14th through February 16th. CC is a new and exciting event that members sign up for solo and get paired with a partner decided completely at random. What a cool and fun way to meet new people in the community! As always the game-play will span across a wide variety of games yet to be decided. Keep on the lookout for signup information coming to you soon!

January Twitter Blitz

KSI Productions Dept Twitter Blitz is live! Head on over to Twitter and follow @KSIStreaming, then reply with your gamertag and your Division! Use the link below to show some love for the community, the event is live January 20th to the 22nd.

Leadership Council Inductees

The LC council is comprised of fantastic people representing every Div across KSI. A “think tank” of sorts, the LC is dedicated to ensuring KSI is constantly thriving and evolving with new ideas and concepts to keep this community at the top of its game. Congratulations to all the new inductees and a huge shout-out and thank you to all those currently in the council!

Department Promotions

As we move into a new year KSI Dept-Ops have been undergoing some changes. Keeping Clan-Ops first and foremost is a high priority as adjustments and restructuring take place across our departments. There are many hardworking individuals that have stood out since joining their respective departments and have earned well deserved promotions.

  • KSI Soap 7 to Co-Head of Productions
  • KSI Trixie 7 to Senior Productions Staff
  • KSI Siren82 ( aka SlamRam) to Senior News Writer
  • Sins to Graphics Head/Art Director
  • KSI Starset 7 to Co-Head of AAP

A huge congratulations to each and every one of you and thank you for your dedication to KSI. It is members like you that make this community the pinnacle of excellence that it is!

OTY Recipients

One of the amazing things about KSI is the community’s willingness and ability to give thanks to the people who deserve it. A lot of people were nominated across a lot of ranks to receive OTYs. Seeing the love shared between friends here is truly inspiring. Even if you did not receive an award tonight, know that YOU are a valuable and appreciated member in KSI. Please join me in congratulating the following people for their outstanding performance in the community.

  • Member Of The Year: Representing DM, KSIDntAskImAwfl recruited 02/24/18
    Runner up: Representing WD, KSI LEGION recruited12/14/12
  • Corporal Of The Year: Representing DM, infinityhunt recruited 03/27/17
    Runner up: Representing DM, KSI LiViNgLiFe recruited 05/15/19
  • Sergeant Of The Year: Representing DM, KSI TiMBERKiNG recruited 01/13/19
    Runner up: Representing SL, KSI PandaLeafy recruited 05/27/18
  • Staff Sergeant Of The Year: Representing DM, KSI LadySatan recruited 12/10/18
    Runner up: Representing ES, KSI Dabbasaur recruited 01/17/18
  • Lieutenant Of The Year: Representing ES, KSI Lonewolf684 recruited 20/09/17
    Runner up: Representing DL, KSI LilDucky recruited 09/21/18
  • Captain Of The Year: Representing WD, KSI xKamikaze recruited 09/30/18
    Runner up: Representing SL, KSI DCRUNK recruited 05/28/19
  • General Of The Year: Representing SL, KSI Rogue 7 recruited 4/4/19
    Runner up: Representing DL, KSI SnowQueen recruited 10/01/18
  • Co-Founder Of The Year: Representing WD, KSI xTiger 77 recruited 04/29/17
    Runner up: Representing DM, KSI MeShell 7 recruited 07/24/17
  • Founder Of The Year: Representing SL, KSI Swag 77 recruited 07/01/13
  • Division Leader Of The Year: Representing DM, KSIxRomeo 7 recruited 08/05/17
    Runner up: Representing DW, KSI VENUM 7 recruited 08/16/17
  • Director Of The Year: Representing SL, KSI Skarzx 77 Recruited 04/12/17
    Runner up: Representing DM & DW, KSI Gruntier 7 recruited 02/12/17
  • Department Member Of The Year: Representing DM and News & Marketing, KSI DREW 7 recruited 11/01/18
    Runner up: Representing DM, AAP and History, KSI Uppish recruited 11/03/18
  • Department Head Of The Year: Representing DL and T&E, KSI DropShot 7 recruited 7/23/12
    Runner up: Representing WD and AAP, KSI AIRBORNE 7 recruited 01/29/12
  • Forums Staff Member Of The Year: Representing WD, KSI xKing 77 recruited 07/31/13
    Runner up: Representing The BoD, KSI RiiOT 7
  • Senior Leader Of The Year: Representing The BoD, KSI Ronin 77 recruited 04/07/11
    Runner up: Representing The BoD, KSI December 77 recruited 08/09/14

Congratulations and a HUGE thank you to all of you for your ceaseless efforts and dedication in making KSI the greatest gaming community that ever existed!

Div Cup Changes

Moving forward the Division Cup scoring will mostly keep with the changes made mid-2019. The results of all the major tournaments and events this year will determine the 2020 Division Cup Winner. There are still a few scoring changes to come. Stay tuned for announcements about them leading up to our inaugural Cupid’s Clash event in February.

Div Cup Winner

Not to be confused with the Div OTY, the Div cup is the culmination of all the points accrued across the multitude of events within the KSI year. As Divisions enter and place in these events Div points are awarded then tallied to determine the Div OTY winner. Here is the victor of the 2019 Div Cup and the runners up. Congratulations!

  • First Place: Eternal Souls with 107 points
  • Second Place: Demonic Mayhem with 102 points
  • Third Place: Wicked Destruction with 87 points

Div Of The Year

  • Winner: Demonic Mayhem

Division of the year is awarded to the most inspirational Division in KSI for the year. Exemplary and knowledgeable officer staff, approachable and proficient leadership, and active members that embody the KSI spirit of Knowledge, Strength and Integrity are all deciding factors for this honor.

Demonic Mayhem was a force to be reckoned with this past year. As a division, it grew in almost every aspect. Early 2019 saw the birth of the squad Sinister in March. This was followed later by the creation of Wrath in August. Growing in size and maintaining stability every step of the way, KSI’s largest division had almost 400 members by Christmas. Many of those same members also ventured out and made waves in other areas of the community, namely the News & Marketing, Productions, AAP and T&E Departments. Boasting the highest level of overall divisional activity on KSI’s social media platforms AND across the KSI Forums, Demonic Mayhem was a clear and decisive winner of the 2019 Division Of The Year. In other words, these people really did get down with the sickness. Congratulations on an awesome year.

KSI December 77, CDM

KSI Gruntier 7 and KSI xROMEO 7 have done a fantastic job shaping DM into the powerhouse that it is. I took a moment to ask the Div Leader what really makes DM so great.

“DM is great because everyone here works together and cares about one another. Everyone works so hard and goes the extra mile just so we are all having a good time. I’m so happy this is the division I get to call home.”


Well said Bromeo! Congratulations to Demonic Mayhem and may you all continue to grow and meet new friends in the new year.

Glancing Back Before Stepping Forward

So there you have it my friends. A look back at the amazing year we all shared here in KSI. If you missed tonight’s award show ceremony, don’t fret! I have the power to provide you with a nice easy push button link that will bring you right to all the action! Just click the link below to see it all. I highly recommend watching too. Sure would be a pity to miss out on KSI ImPyyys bone-broth or Ace and Riiots many hats!

Article by KSI DREW 7 & KSI Siren82

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