Yeah, It’s 2019.

Twelve months ago, we were all excited about the amazing possibilities 2018 had in store. Well, that’s over now. You can finally hit the reset button. Yay.

New Year’s resolutions get old. I’ve been “resolving” to be a nicer person every January for the past 15 years. And has anything changed? Well… Point is, don’t waste all your energy making hundreds of outrageous resolutions just because our calendar is changing from 2018 to 2019.

Set small goals. Figure out what’s doable for YOU and put effort toward it. Whether it’s in your real life or in your KSI career, the formula is still the same. Run before you walk. Try getting a little “old-school” with it. Go to Walmart, buy a $2 notebook, write something down. Leave your notebook by your bed and check it once in a while. If you accomplish something you decided to try, check it off! If you don’t get it done, make a note. Remind yourself why it didn’t happen and come up with a new way to tackle it.

This is called self accountability. If you can master this, you can LEGIT do anything. It’s 2019 – You literally have a whole year ahead of you. Take some time to get to know your squad mates. Join a couple more gamenights than you did last year. Check out the forums! ( Apply to join a Department. Sign up for Happy Hour. This community has endless opportunities! Take advantage of them. Don’t stress yourself out with “New Years Resolutions”! Just get out there and DO things. You and everyone around you will be the better for it.

Here’s to you. Best of luck in 2019 – and Happy New Year.

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