Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

KSI Speaks: Favorite Three Course Meal

With the holidays just about over, we thought we’d ask what the community’s favorite three course meals were. Come see what our members had to say!

Food For Thought

One amazing thing about people is that people are diverse. One of the most obvious things that makes people diverse is their food!With all the different cultures and taste buds, who knows how food will continue to evolve and change over time.

KSI Speaks comes at us again with “What is your favorite three course meal?”. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to try one of the items listed.

The Opinions

KSI Alfabot

“My starter would be the Lobster Bisque. That would include rich lobster stock, sweet vermouth, and cream. Then I would go into my entree with a New York Strip Steak. It would be Certified Angus beef, dry rubbed with some herb and butter. Do not forget about the sauteed baby spinach, charred mini sweet peppers and brown butter mashed potatoes. Making sure to top myself off with some Flourless Chocolate Cake.”

KSI xMinion

“I would get myself hungry with some Prawn Cocktail, eating all I can. Then start working on my Pasta Carbonara, before diving into my Strawberries and Cream.”

KSI Cable 

“I start off traditionally with some Salad with Ranch Dressing. For my entree, I like to spoil myself with a Medium Rare Ribeye with mashed potatoes, corn and whichever bread I can get. I finish off my meal with some ice cream and I am a happy camper.”

KSI Vulpis

“I also start off with a salad but I mix it up with some vinaigrette dressing. Crispy, oven-baked walleye on a bed of hash browns, and a fresh apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. You pair that with a good white wine and there is nothing better.”


“My lucky meal would have some Alaskan King Crab Legs. Coming next would have to be Filet Oscar to really get me full. Right before filling up, I would finish off with some Butter Cake.”

KSI Folkstyle

“I would be drinking a peanut butter apple smoothie, followed by sriracha chicken loaded potatoes with green beans. Finishing off with rice and eggs. That would be my favorite three course meal.”

KSI xKamikaze

“I would have some boneless buffalo wings before I dive into some filet mignon. I cannot finish without a melted lava brownie.”


“Fried pickles to start, followed by some buffalo chicken. Give me some peach pie to top it off!”

KSI Nebula 7

“I am a simple man who enjoys some chicken strips with mac and cheese. Enjoying some vanilla ice cream to make my stomach happy.”

KSI Greenday 7

“Appetizer: Loaded Cheese Fries Entree: Mac and cheese with sunny side up egg on a burger Dessert: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream with marshmallow topping.”

KSI FadeZ 7

“Appetizer: some kind of boneless wings or tacos. Entree: grilled chicken with mushrooms onions and shrimp. Dessert: hot apple fritter with ice cream and caramel topping.”

KSI xKing 77

“I would have to say my favorite 3 course setup would be Salad, Chicken Parm, Chocolate cake!”


“Well, let’s start off with chunky homemade chicken noodle soup. Main course would be Steak and mushrooms with a baked potato and sweet corn. And end it all with cheesecake for dessert!”


“Start out with some fish with shrimp, on top of a big salad, covered in all kinds of seasoning, (I eat anything so it can be what your heart desires). 2nd would be 3 chicken sandwiches, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, red robins whiskey river bbq sauce, with a slide of applesauce, coleslaw, and fries. Then last I would have two mountain high music pies, covered in whip cream, chocolate and caramel sauce. And two cherries on each. With chocolate covered pretzels. The dream. OH AND ALL THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES AND DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP BROWNIES!”

KSI Fear Meta 7

“Appetizer – mozzarella cheese sticks. Meal – deer steak with potatoes and corn. Dessert – pumpkin pie.”

KSI Pritch

“I would have to say buffalo bites for an app, then a steak for the meal. I don’t really get desserts.”

KSI Harmony 7

“Medium rare roast beef. Homemade mac and cheese and chocolate dipped strawberries.”

KSI Breakfast 7

“Steak, steak, and steak. There is nothing else.”

KSI Eyonia 7

“Salad and bread sticks, with Alfredo sauce to dip. Raviolis for sure! Finally, chocolate mint cake to finish it all off!”

KSI December 77

“One of my favorite meals is fish and chips from the British Bulldog Pub here in Columbia. (Here’s their MENU) That, plus a crap ton of fries. Plus beer. That’s basically my three courses. Scrap dessert. I’m not a dessert guy.”

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