Work in Progress

Heyo people, so I’ve been working on this site for the past 3 days.  maybe you’ve noticed that the home page takes you to some mysterious new site.

Well this is our new home page.  I plan for the informational side of KSI to exist here on the home page.

Now I bet you’re wondering where in the world is the information link on the forums, that too has been moved over to

you’re wondering Apoc why would you do that you’re mad.  Well I’ve noticed that alot of our members aren’t exactly getting the info, since only a whooping 7 percent of our members log in daily to these forums.  So I felt giving a simpler location for members to get the information they need was necessary.

We also are having a battle rights system in the works set up, where divisional head hunters get their own team pages like that.  Each div gets their own page.  Then each team will have it out in matches held on xbl and the times and dates for all this will be updated live on the front page.  That part is still in the works it’ll probably be a week or so before that’s said and done with.

Ok News, so alot of people have been for the past year or so where in the world has news gone? well it was here but kind of hidden in an ugly layout.  so now we’ve streamlined the site into a beautiful news layout with an awesome comment system.

So guys don’t freak out nothing has changed at all except the stuff you used to look at is now on the homepage and you don’t even have to login to look at it.

Lastly, remember this site is in Alpha phase and isn’t really near done yet. Which means it’s perfect to bash stuff you don’t like so we can change it now.

If you have any questions direct them at our newest site admin, Chicken he’s the new head of the server at


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