KSI Poetry: Words From the Members

KSI FluffyPuppr, a Lieutenant in Discord DM, expresses his feelings for KSI through poetry.

Hello there fellow readers. I happened to stubble upon a very creative writing from one of our members in KSI. As a news team we strive to show the words of our fellow members. If you have anything you’d like to share, keep an eye out for our news team members, or catch us on the Forums!

“3 words to live by…

3 words to game by..

3 words to die by…

We have Knowledge and it is power,

enough Strength to devour.

Integrity is dripping from us like water in the shower.

We aim to be the best by putting our selfs to the test, nevertheless we always have a good time, even when making silly silly rhymes. Our vibe is togetherness, an army of veteran’s, at game’s not real life but we won’t think twice when recruiting a member of the service, we aren’t like others communities who are pretty much worthless.

Our game nights are lit because our communities the shit, we don’t quit, all that we ask is that you follow the code of conduct, not be a tit and keep it fit; for everyone (that is), no one should be left behind in this digital time. Speaking of the COC we got this shit on lock.. and key best believe me.

3 words to live by…

3 words to game by..

3 words to die by…

We may stumble but aren’t afraid to scuffle. From Halo 5 to Black Ops or on GTA fighting cops, there’s just no way. From Overwatch to Destiny they’ll be singing “because ya had a bad day”. From Fortnite to Warframe and many more, they’ll be put to shame, because K.S.I. is the name of fame.

Wouldn’t wanna be you when your fighting my squad, we have a higher hit count than A-rod. I know a Kitty who’d introduce you to Mida, you’ll be wishing she first wine’n’dined ya. A God by the name of Zeus who could snipe your tooth loose and an Auzzy who will make you yell TRUSE! TRUSE!. With many more that can settle the score

So join us or face our wrath,

and be demolished like Lizzie Bordens parent’s (whisper) it’s gonna be a blood bath…

Fuzzymeeps the reason we’re all here so you could say we owe that man a beer.

However it’s not just one man behind the curtain, of that i am certain, its each and every person. So on that note, to us all a shot I will do, better yet I’ll make it two, nah 3…

3 Knowledge,

2 Strength,

1 Integrity,


Here’s to you….”

This was written by KSI FluffyPuppr, a second lieutenant in Discord DM.

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