Leadership: What Does it Mean to you?

Leadership comes in different styles! Get advice from a fellow Leader and see what you can do to improve as a leader!


Leadership is a huge part of our community today. Sometimes there are points where we forget to set aside our personal problems, and it affects the way of our leadership. With multiple variations, leadership comes in different styles. In our community today, you can see the different types of leaderships.

These leaderships are visible in the Divisions, Squads, and Web-Ops. If one were to take time to analyze each type, it’d take days. The huge question is, how do we react to the different types of leaderships? This all depends on who you are as a person, and your values and beliefs. Since we are human, we have conflicts with other peoples styles. This is simply part of life, and there is no way to deter from it.

Words From the Wise

I asked some fellow leaders in our departments, to shed some light on what leadership meant to them. Emmy, the Co-Head of AAP, gave us a statement, “I believe that listening is a key part of proper leadership, together with being humble.

A good leader needs to listen to those you are leading, and be humble and open to the possibility that sometimes, you yourself do not have all of the answers, or necessarily know the best way of doing things or solving problems. That in itself answers the question of whether there is room to improve, because I believe that there is always room to improve.

I like perfection, but know that it is merely an illusion or a goal in our minds. Of course, being humble and open to other ideas in and of itself doesn’t complete a good leader. You also need to have the wisdom, integrity, and a certain amount of confidence, or people will not listen and follow, but rather try to overrule you. Even if they do not have the authority to do so.”


Although we strive for perfection, there is always ways to improve. Some leaders hit carrying capacity, and don’t go above and beyond. On the other hand, some leaders constantly are challenging themselves and those around them, causing a growth in their leadership and their individual self. Perfection is just an ideal norm that our society has set for success. In reality, there is no top of the ladder, but a continuous growth. Open-mindedness is important as well. As Emmy said, sometimes there are better ways to do things compared to your way.

Some final points given by Emmy, in hopes for people to be aware of their integrity, “With everything that is going on and being talked about in society today, I think that the integrity part of leadership has become more important than ever. A good leader cannot let the appearance of power get to them, and have the integrity to not abuse it, or let it compromise how we act towards people, especially not the people directly under your leadership.”

To conclude, there are more than one type of leadership. Just because another’s leadership style is different, does not mean it is wrong. You don’t have to be in a rank to have leadership. Explore your boundaries, and recognize your values, and share your leadership style with the News Team!

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