Weekend Warfare – Halo 5 – 1/13/18

Did you miss this weeks Halo 5 Weekend Warfare? No problem! Check out the important stuff here!


Halo 5, the hit game from 2015, and many-a-gamers go-to game. This week’s Weekend Warfare was full of intense game play, a little raging, and a lot of laughter. What more could you ask for from a KSI event?


KSI Badkitty 7
KSI Dragons 7
XSkull Cru5herX
KSI FatMcGee

LeedleLee 16
KSI Squeaks
KSI TheD3adShot

KSI Guyy 77
KSI JessiRedJet

KSI Sarin

Web Ops:
KSI Maniac5

The Run Down

This Weekend Warfare was hardcore. The competition was fierce and sweat was everywhere. The night started with 2 lobbies of players, with the combination of the 2 lobbies once they reached the top 6 total players, bringing the two lobbies into one.

The journey to the final lobby left the destruction of many KSI members in its wake, but it was inevitable. The final lobby containing the top 6 players was impressive.

KSI BadKitty 7
KSI Dragons 7
XxSkull CrusherX
KSI Squeaks
KSI Sarin

As a result of a sweat-filled round, KSI Sarin found himself eliminated. This left the top 5 players of the night. Yet another round led to KSI Squeaks being left in the dust. This brings us to our final four, and the championship round.

This 4 person round was filled with rage, and intensity as each player grasped at straws to come out on top. They fought hard, but only three could make the cut. We had our Weekend Warfare Champions.

First: KSI BadKitty 7
Second: KSI Dragons 7
Third: KSI TheD3ADShot


With that, this weeks Weekend Warfare comes to a close. It did not let us down in skill, entertainment, and most of all sweat. If you are looking for something interesting and informative to watch, THIS is definitely a recommendation.

Next Week

Weekend Warfare for next week is going to be a game changer. It will be a week-long Minecraft build-off. It has to be completely underwater and each team is using the same world seed. Judging will take place on 1/20/18. Sign-ups are closed, but if you want to see who signed up, and the rules click HERE.

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