Weekend Warfare: Destiny 2

Last weekend’s WW was Breakthrough on Destiny 2. Check out the winners here!

Destiny 2 – 3v3 Breakthrough

Last Saturday, Weekend Warfare was held on Destiny 2. The gametype was 3v3 Breakthrough.

Hello to all the Destiny fans out there! As with every Weekend Warfare, our Tournaments & Events department hosted the competition. Can we give a big thank you to KSI Aion and KSI YAMAT0 for being wonderful hosts? Well done guys!

The T&E staff remind you to always follow the KSI Code of Conduct when participating in these events. Failure to do so could result in disqualification. 

The Winner’s Circle

1st Place
  • Dr3adTh3Pho3nix (ES)
  • DarkAngel16108 (ES)
  • SUBzero2929 (ES)
2nd Place
  • KSI Alfablot (DL)
  • KSI Swagranger (DL)
  • qiezo (DL)
3rd Place
  • KSI PoLLy (DL)
  • KSIxRussx (DL)
  • A Present Fart (DL)

To Sum It Up

We had 33, including hosts, participate in this heart-pounding competition. Thank you to all those who participated. We hope to see more people sign up for this weeks Weekend Warfare – Uno. Sign-ups close 10/20 at 5:00 PM. Follow the link below to sign up!

Go signup for this weekend’s UNO tournament now! – 10/20 Weekend Warfare Signup

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