Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

KSI Speaks: Stuck In Your Favorite Game

If you ever actually got stuck in a video game, which game would you want it to be? Who would you want to have by your side? See what the community said!

The Topic

We often take the ability to respawn for granted. What would happen if we lost that power and our lives depended on staying alive and surviving until end? Let’s say that you are transported into your favorite game with the 4 man team you always game and rage with. Would you be carelessly play through missions or would you be more cautious than ever? The “Run and Gun” gaming style you and your best friends have lived by just might not cut it!

I went around and asked our fellow KSI members to put themselves in this very situation.

“If you got stuck in your favorite video game and had to beat it to get out, what game would you want to be playing?What 3 KSI members would you bring to help you get out? Why did you choose those 3 members?”

Here are the responses!

The Opinions


“My favorite game is “Mass Effect: Andromida”, (for now). However, who says I want out? If I had to bring 3 people to help get me out, it would be KSI Officer Pup, KSI MetroBoomin, and KSI Septicaid. I’m picking you three based purely off what I’ve heard, since I haven’t really had the opportunity to play any games with any KSI members. I’ve been told that the three of you can bring some serious heat.”

KSI DarkQueen 7

“If I was stuck in my favorite video game it would have to be “Fortnite”. Also, I honestly do not know who I would consider taking, only due to the friendship through the division.”

KSI Sniperclone

“Destiny 2 hands down. I would choose KSI Prophecy7,  KSI TexAngel 7, and KSI DropShot 7. This is because they are always there to help when the going gets tough, no matter what the situation brings.”

KSI Alfablot

“Destiny 2. I can’t really select just three, since all KSI members are amazing. I’d choose newer members to help bring newcomers into the community, doing this to help build and strengthen KSI as a whole. But, if I had to choose just three, I would choose KSI JrHillbilly, KSI PartyRock and KSI SasquatchX. These three bought me in and introduced me to KSI. Without the kindness from them, I wouldn’t be in this great Community. To me, all members of KSI are great candidates! All of the KSI members that I’ve played with have our three values, Knowledge, Strength, and, above all, Integrity. Bringing in our newer members help us to teach to these three values to them. That’s why this question was so hard to answer. But the three that I chose, helped me come into KSI, and it’s my goal to build and strengthen our spectacular community!”

KSI DropShot 7

“If I had to beat my favorite game to get out, I would be playing a game from the Call of Duty series. The 3 members that I would bring along with me for the fight would be: KSI Prophecy v7, KSIfiremomma7, and KSI TexAngel 7. The reason I would choose these three individuals is because I have seen first-hand what a great team we can be when working together. We all have different assets that we bring to the table, which include: Tex’s raw leadership abilities, Momma’s perseverance, Prophecy’s “nose to the grindstone” mentality, all including dedication and work ethic. With this mix of leadership abilities, I am confident that the four of us can conquer any task at hand.”

KSI FireHeart 7

“It would have to be “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”. I would bring KSI MeShell 7 and Ksi Panda 7. The reason why, is because MeShell is good with thinking on the fly, and is very resourceful. I chose Panda because he’s smart, and knows when to take risks when it matters. Overall, I think we would make a great team in Tomb Raider.”

KSI Damien

“If it could be a four man fireteam, it would be Destiny 2. The team would consist of: KSI BlazeCoMay, KSI Warf, FlamesOfHellSky, and, of course, myself. I picked these three because I feel I have built a “brother/sister in arms” relationship. I know they would have my back to the bitter or sweet end. To be honest though, I feel like I could call on any Demonic Mayhem member for help, and they would be there for the fight, and I’d take them with me just the same.”

KSI FadeZ 7

I would be playing “Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic”. I would bring with me: KSI AIRBORNE 7, KSI HAVOC 7, and KSI Rpg900SR. I would bring these 3 gentleman because their knowledge of the world is so vast. I sit with these guys talking for hours about it. With their combined knowledge and crazy skill at gaming, I have no doubt in my mind we would topple any opposition that came our way!”

KSI ApolloBelow

“If I got stuck in my favorite game, it would be “Rainbow Six”. I would bring: KSI Dovahkiin6 for his nobility, KSI MrsLowdown because she whips me into shape, and KSI Majesty for her outlook. Honestly, they would spend the whole time picking on me, but that’s what I love about them.”

KSI Skarzx 77

“”Final Fantasy 8”, and I would bring KSI Grimshot 77 as Zell, KSI Ronin 77 as Sephiroth, and KSIxPapi 77 as Cid. Grimshot reminds me of Zell, and I’m sure he would have fun punching big monsters in their face with brass knuckles. He is crazy like that. Ronin just fits the theme of Sephiroth. He’s trying to do his own thing, and would kind of be a badass and kill everyone. Papi is outspoken and hilarious, which fits Cid perfectly. I honestly think if I had to be stuck in a game, I’d drag them all with me for the heck of it!”


“I would choose Friday the 13th. I would bring KSI Skarzx 77, KSI Zebraa, and my last one would be KSI Grimshot77. I would bring them because we would all work great as a team, and could focus on how to get out of being stuck in the game. Plus, they are really good people to work with in sticky situations. They never give up until the job is done.”


“I would choose “HALO 5″, and would bring KSI Meta 7, KSI Spike, and KSI Akame 7. Why those three members? KSI Meta 7 purely because of his skill in the game. He’s the tank. I know whatever situation we get into, he’ll be able to get us out. KSI Spike, he’ll have my back. He would be a support roll, along with myself, helping to assist in anyway that we can. He also knows a lot about the story, so he might know some hidden passages or maybe be able to communicate with the aliens. Also, because he’s very skilled in the game. KSI Akame 7 would be the driver, and the guy to get drunk with during all the fun lol. Gotta have some fun during these intense situations.”

KSI Spike

“If I were stuck in one game, I would be in “Halo 3″. I would also bring three other members, consisting of: KSI ODINN 7, CarnageHunter11, and KSI March. I would bring Odinn because of his skill in Halo, and the fact that he’s humorous. Secondly, I would bring Carnage because he is a smart dude. He knows how to keep his cool during extreme situations, and is a fun guy to be around. Finally, I would bring March because he is probably the best dude to be around. He is really funny.”

KSI Folkstyle

“The game I would choose is “Rainbow Six Siege”. The members would be: KSI Prod, KSI Hades21, and KSI Kalakoi 77. Why? Prod is always there for me. He’s pretty much my Xbox dad. If I ever have a question, Prod has an answer. If I have a problem, Prod helps me with it. He is easily my favourite person in KSI, and I trust him 100%. Kalakoi is the genius that KSI needs. You need a computer nerd? Talk to him. He’s also more available than anyone else in my division. You can almost always expect an answer back on discord from Kalakoi. Hades is kind of like the bodyguard. If somebody is starting problems, Hades is gonna give ’em hell. He shows respect for everyone who doesn’t disrespect him. Hades always tells it how it is, and he tells you straight up what his problem is so you can help fix it.”

KSI VeRiiTaS 7

“My favorite video game of all time would have to be “Skyrim”. That being said, I’d have to have quite a bit of help from friends to pull off beating that game in its entirety to get out. The three people that I’d bring along with me would be: KSI FuzzyMeep 7, KSI Havoc 7, and KSI Akame 7. I’d pick Fuzzy because of his ability to dissect situations and come up with the best solution based on each scenario. Also, in the case of us not beating the game, I wouldn’t mind spending eternity with him there to make the experience feel a little less like hell. I’d pick Havoc because of his level-headed temperament, and his ability to stay calm in stressful situations. I’d also choose him for his insight and wisdom to help get us through. I’d pick Akame because of his ability to critically think when confronted with challenges, his personality, and his optimism. I know that no matter what he will always push us to get through to the end against all odds.”

KSI BadKitty 7

“My video game of Choice is “Halo 3”. The KSI members I would drag along are: KSI FluffyPup 7, KSI God Zeus and KSI Gambit 7. My reasons for choosing these three are: KSI FluffyPup 7: I have known this particular 7 for over ten years. I believe he was a “squeaker” in his prime when I first came across him in a multiplayer lobby. Since then, we have played every single game under the sun together. He knows my play style, and pretty much everything else there is to know about me. He’s a great friend, teammate and support, inside and outside of video games. KSI God Zeus:
Sir Zeus was one of my first recruits when I joined the wonderful division of DM. Since then, our time has been filled with ups and downs, but he is constantly able to put a smile on my face. He’s also somewhat decent at shooting things sometimes, when he’s not inhaling Chinese food. KSI Gambit 7: Gambit is there strictly for bullying purposes. <3 (Make sure to include the heart or he will get all in his sad pupper feels.) Really though, this guy is a great friend and basically my rock, and I would never get through a challenge like this without him. Plus, Gambit and God Zeus scream at each other a lot and it’s pretty entertaining.”

KSI TexAngel 7

“If I got stuck in my favorite video game, and had to beat it to get out, I would be playing any CoD game. What 3 I would bring KSI LadyJenny 7, KSI AtomXGEN, and KSI RestNPeace7 with me. I would choose them because these people are fun and funny to game with. They always are willing to play with me even though I’m not the best player.”

KSI Airborne 7

“If I got stuck in my favorite game, I would probably be stuck in “Assassin’s Creed”. This series is my favorite of all time. I am a huge fan of history, and the way they intertwine their stories with significant historical events has always been just amazing to me. Now, as far as beating it and getting out, while “Assassin’s Creed” is a single player game, we will just go with the flow of the question anyway. The 3 KSI members I would have to bring are: KSI Kakashii 7, KSI FadeZ 7, and KSI Scotland 7. They are all 3 a required part of my crew, and I know I could rely on each of them. Kakashi, or Justin, has been my best friend since we were in school together. We’ve been through tons of highs and lows, and I know this guy is always there for me no matter what. FadeZ, Kacey, I’ve also known for years. We have been close since the old Divine Reign days, when we both eventually ended up as 7’s there. Kacey would have to be on my team though due to the fact his gaming style is eerily similar to mine. Not sure if we just view things the same, or if it is from playing together for years, but we have always played well together in any team based games. Just don’t ask him what “Re-run it” means. Scotland, or Mike, I’ve not known as long as Justin or Kacey, but he is just as good of a friend. I feel like I could bring anything to Mike, and know that he would be there to listen, because he has been that guy for me before as well. As far as why he would be on my game team though, it’s due to the level head he keeps while gaming. I get a bit too intense in games, and in failures in those games. Mike has the attitude going on where he is pretty calm and collected, and can just carry on without letting little things get in his head and throw his game off. It would really be a crucial role in a squad where most of the other members may get a bit too emotionally driven. Either way, with these 3 guys on my team, I have ZERO doubts that we would be able to beat any Assassin’s Creed game and be able to get out, if that was what any of us would actually want to do.

KSI Luci Lyux 7

“When I get stuck in Destiny 2 and I’m pretty much being sent into oblivion by a hell of a boss or event, the three people I tend to call on for help are: KSI Chaos 7, because he’s known me over 8 years. We know each other’s play styles well enough to predict things that will make us rage, that usually being jumping puzzles. Rags, because Rags is fun to be around and play with, and again he knows me well, and also plays enough of the games that I play that he has saved my ass on more than one occasion. KSI fireheart 7 because he drives me insane sometimes, but he’s always up for trying to dive into events and activities to burn through games.”

There you have it folks – straight from the mouths of our fellow KSI family! I really did enjoyed doing these interviews. I chose this topic because I felt like it inspired the imagination and related to our community in a good way. This is my first article for the News Team! I hope y’all  enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing!

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