Town Hall: February 2018

Did you miss the Town Hall this week? We’ve got the answers here!


Welcome to the recap of February’s Town Hall! There were so many questions asked, we didn’t even have time to answer them all, but come check out the questions that were answered here!


KSI Ace 7

KSI ImPyyy 7

KSI Paratroop 7

KSI Trendies 7

KSI Guyy 77

KSI Greg 7

Streamer: KSI Bane

Questions Asked

How effective is mass recruiting?

KSI FuzzyMeep 7 responded, “Mass recruiting isn’t that efficient because when you grow a lot you often don’t have time to spend with those members and train them. Have any members stayed in their original squad since being recruited?”

“Do some of the older members still keep in contact with who recruited them?”


“For the members that have reached a milestone, do they get special recognition for said milestone?”

We sometimes have shout-outs, but we do have the Awards and Achievements Program that is actually dedicated to that.

“Is there a channel on discord that could be created that would make a LFG easier?”

Divisional-wide LFGs should be possible on Discord, however, we have tried a KSI-wide LFG before and it was well set up but easy to cause problems in. We do, however, have a KSI Global Gaming club that can be used when looking for group.

There were many other questions asked that night, however, some conversations are difficult to summarize. If you are interested in learning more, especially mentors of the hosts of the party, check out the uploaded video on our YouTube channel!

Tune in next time!

Town Hall is a monthly event that KSI hosts, which means that this will happen again next month. Town Hall always occurs on the last Friday of every month at 9 pm EST, and the question submission thread always opens at least two weeks before that. Keep your eyes peeled!


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