Thursday Night Throwdown Recap: January 2019

Check out what happened at our first ever Thursday Night Throwdown! (If you don’t know what that is, please read this. You missed out on a lot of fun.)

Date: January 3rd, 2019 ∎ Time: 8:30pm EST ∎ Game: PUBG Custom Games

Game #1: Squads

The Board

  • KSI Ace 7
  • KSI FuzzyMeep 7
  • KSI Ronin 77
  • KSI Scotland 7
  • KSI VeRiiTaS 7

Divine Warriors

  • KSI Bane 7
  • KSI Mikester IV

Last Strike/Dark Legions

  • KSI Akame 7
  • KSI Follow
  • KSI MFLSwagg 7

Eternal Souls

  • KSI Hatter 7
  • KSI SouthPark18
  • KSI xMidnightx
  • Torch096
  • ZealousEqualty

Touching Down In Sanhok

Anticipation was high. The match started.

The BOD team dropped in the North corner of the map. Divine Warriors on the far East side. The LS/DL team chose to hit Bhan and Warehouses first. The ES squad flew to the West Coast of the island.

The DW and LS/DL teams traversed inland in unison for quite some time, barely missing each other at many points. The first engagement finally started just outside quarry as KSI Akame 7 downed KSI HAVOC 7 and KSI VENUM 7 in quick succession. Eventually, the DW team would fall – all except for HAVOC, who was somehow miraculously revived during the battle. Hiding like a ninja, HAVOC eventually sprinted off west as fast as his legs would carry him.

“Carry on, my Captain! Save yourself!” cried out KSI SUP3R, as he bled out in the dust.

Meanwhile, ES took their time as they looted Ruins. The BOD made their way steadily south from Bootcamp, toward the river. LS/DL stopped frequently as they traversed West toward Pai Nan and the every shrinking safe zone. (KSI WANT A TAC0 stayed behind with a truck. Because he’s a rebel, evidently.)

Look closely. You can see the little colored dots.

Fighting broke out again as the BOD engaged ES just south of Ruins. KSI FuzzyMeep 7 knocked KSI xMidnightx off the bat as KSI Ronin 77 flanked around Southwest and downed Torch096.

Next was a frenzy of conflict – KSI Follow knocked Fuzzy, ZealousEqualty knocked Ronin, Midnight knocked KSI Ace 7, Follow knocked KSI Scotland 7. (During this time, HAVOC could be found prone, 17 miles to the North on the edge of the circle, whistling to the tune of far away gunfire. The man had a strategy.)

ES eventually overcame the BOD team and continued on toward the circle, still three players strong. LS/DL traveled South. HAVOC crawled through fields unnoticed.

The Final Circle was a heated CQB between ES and LS/DL. Just as the last ES player was knocked, Follow turned and found HAVOC crawling in the grass. It was lights out and Last Strike/Dark Legions for the win.

Game #2: War Mode Duo’s

There’s a mountain on the West side of Erangel that sits between Georgopol and Gatka. That was the play zone area for this match – LITERALLY the mountain. Needless to say, the awkward landscape and sub-machine-gun-only loadouts made this particular game really…well, strange.

Note to self: Never play War Mode again.

Game #3: Solos

The last event of the night was a Solos match on Erangel. The Final Circle was an empty field in the dead center of the map. Scores are below.

Many thanks to all the members who participated! The entire evening was a resounding success. (Whenever we manage to get more than 10 people together in a PUBG lobby, it’s considered a success folks.)

Looking Ahead To February

Did you enjoy our first Thursday Night Throwdown? Head to the Community Events section to register for February’s TNT event!

Grab your best PUBG companion and suit up for some Valentines-themed warfare. Event date is Thursday, February 7th.

Click below to register!

“If life was like jumping out of an airplane with 100 other people trying to hunt you down…”

I’d want you to be my parachute to help me land safely without fall damage.

“If beauty was having a sniper rifle on an abandoned Soviet island…”

You’d be my KAR98 equipped with an 8x scope.

“Every day we are together, I feel ready to take on the world…”

You’re energy drinks, pain killers and an adrenaline syringe all rolled into one.

“You give me the strength to face the day…”

Much like coming across an extended mag and silencer for my SMG.

“Our love strengthens and grows as time goes by…”

A lot like that blue zone. Except less painful.

“Being yours is better than having a Chicken Dinner every day…”

Just kidding. Nothing is better than a Chicken Dinner every day.

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