Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Activity Defined

We know it’s what makes a squad healthy. A division strong. And our community vibrant. And we want to know what it means to YOU. The definition of Activity.

Activity is the lifeblood of our community. Ita??s what keeps us going.A?

Without activity, our members would becomeA?stagnant. Our squads would dwindle and morale would diminish.A?We know activity is the basis of all operations within KSI, but what does activity actually look like? What SHOULD it look like? Should it be different based on your rank within your division? Or should expectations for activity be formed because of something else?

These are all questions we want your input on! This January, we encourage you to think about the definition of activity and what it means to you. Head to the PO section to contribute to the Discussion Of The Month, or click the link below.



Please share your thoughts! As always, you’re welcomeA?to reply to the Discussion of the Month in any way. Be as detailed as you wish and don’t hesitate to respond toA?other members’ posts in the topic.

-A?KSI HAVOC 7,A?Performance Operations


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