The Real KSI

Ever wondered about what KSI truly is and what it stands for? Check out what Jessii 77 has to say about our amazing gaming community!

What Is KSI?

KSI. Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. A community where we strive for the inclusion and prosperity of others. Regardless of who you are beyond the controller. KSI gives you the ability to be the type of person you want to be. To become involved in something that is bigger than yourself.

From the moment you turn on your Xbox, you enter a world where it no longer matters. Your gender, the color of your skin, your sexual orientation have no place. You enter a place of belonging and fun. An organization where you can game with, against, and in spite of everyone.

We join KSI not out of necessity but out of a deeper need to belong. To find a place where there are other people like us. People who want to see a community of gamers, young and old, who just want to have genuine fun. A place where the leadership strives for excitement and a living embodiment of the three words that make us who we are.

These words separate us from the rest. They make us different than any other community or clan, online or offline.


Meaning we know who we are and what we want. Knowing that without a doubt, we are one community. Not individuals. We know what is right, and we do our best to do just that.


Meaning that no matter what, we stand our own. With each other, we hold ourselves up through everything that happens, on and offline. When others don’t have the strength, their squad does. We are a unit, a family.


The defining factor. This is what makes us different. We uphold our values, and stand behind them. We use our knowledge and strength and do not abuse it, no matter the power we have been given. Whether it’s behind closed parties or in open events, we are the same community because of this integrity.

KSI is a safe place and a home. Even when we take our headsets off and the TV monitor goes black, we know we have a community behind us, holding us up.


Article by KSI Jessii 77

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