Fall Classic 2018

It’s almost here! The 2nd annual KSI Fall Classic will be held from September 27th – September 30th!

It’s almost here! The 2nd annual KSI Fall Classic will be held from September 27th – September 30th!

This event was created to give KSI members more things to look forward to as well as to celebrate our new Twitch subscriber program. It replaces the KSI Anniversary we hosted from 2011 through 2016.

Fall Classic Schedule

Thursday 27
  • Forums Challenge Poll opens
  • 8:00pm EST: CoD – WWII FFA (Max of 5 Reps per division)
Friday 28
  • 8:00pm EST: Halo 5 – Sumo Pit 4v4 (1 team per division, best 2 of 3)
  • 8:00pm EST Karaoke Duets (2 reps per division)
Saturday 29
  • 6:00pm EST: Rainbow Six Siege – 3v3 Secure Area (2 teams per division)
  • 8:00pm EST: Gears of War 4 – 3v3 Execution (2 teams per division, single elimination)
Sunday 30
  • 7:00pm EST: Divisional Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
  • Final Results of Fall Classic announced

Divisional Hall of Fame

This event will serve at the first induction period for our new Divisional Fall of Fame. Inductees selected from the month-long nomination process that has already begun will be announced on the final night.

To nominate a member for your division’s Hall of Fame, visit our Divisional Hall of Fame section.

Twitch Subscriber Program

With this program, members can subscribe to our Twitch channel – twitch.tv/ksilive

When you subscribe, you may choose to donate $5, $10, and $25 each month in support of KSI. Also, if you or a family member pays for Amazon Prime, you can subscribe to one channel for no charge while Amazon pays the channel $5 a month!

All subscriptions and donations are going towards prizes for winning events. See what you can contribute! For every $5 that you donate, your name is entered into a drawing for prizes!


Similar to Spirit Week, point totals will be awarded to divisions. The top-three divisions will receive the following prizes:

First Place

Five $10 cards for name changes in the division

Second Place

Four $10 cards for name changes in the division

Third Place

Three $10 cards for name changes in the division

Also, during the final day of the Fall Classic, there will be a drawing for two or three $10 gift cards. The drawing will be from all of the people who have donated to the Twitch channel. Only Sub Club members will be eligible for this lottery.

*Prizes are subject to change prior to the start of Fall Classic 2018.

Smaller prizes are being offered during this event because it is meant to be a test run of our Twitch subscriber program and hopefully draw more people to subscribe as well as participate!

If this event is successful, and there is no reason for it not to be, then larger, better prizes will be offered during our future events. Make sure to keep an eye out for announcements of these events:

  • Turkey Bowl
  • Awards Show
  • Spring Break
  • Spirit Week

We hope to see you on Xbox or Twitch for this coming Fall Classic 2018!


Thank you,

KSI Board of Directors

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