SYTYCW Winners: October 2018

October’s SYTYCW Winners have been chosen! Come check out who REALLY got embarrassed in front of the wizards last month…

October’s So You Think You Can Write topic was:

KSI / Marvel Mashup – Matching superheroes with their KSI counterparts and explaining why

  • Black Panther
  • Captain America
  • Dr Strange
  • Gamora
  • The Hulk
  • Ironman
  • Loki
  • Star-Lord (Peter Quill)
  • Thanos
  • Thor

The Winners

1st Place – KSI M3NTALIST 7
  • Black Panther – KSI December 77
    • Why: Much like the king in the film December shows a great deal of knowledge concerning anything you may ask ( within reason ) and will always have the upmost respect for December due to the fact of that December has guided me through some difficult moments in KSI since I joined, he is always ready to resolve any problems that may arise but always ready to do battle with anyone who challenged for his seat on the undefeated headhunters team of which he was captain
  • Captain America – KSI MFLSwagg 7
    • Why: A true and unrivalled KSI member who is always ready to stand for the good of the community just like captain America, with a heart of gold is always willing to help not just squad or division members but people throughout the community with extensive knowledge of what goes on in KSI, has mentored numerous people who have gone on to hold high ranks in the community.
  • Dr Strange – KSI Akame 7
    • Why: I think that Akame is much like dr strange because he would class Last Strike like his Time Stone and protect it and the community with all his heart, a fearless protector of his 7,s staff and members in his division as well as the community, will put himself on the line to keep the community safe. He always goes the extra mile to help people and when it comes to security of the community he will search for the answers until he finds them
  • Gamora – KSI Hatter 7
    • Why: Now hatter much like gamora is a strong and fearless woman who needs no prompting to step up and be heard, is always willing to help anyone from the community weather it be a question about KSI or about a life choice, I hold hatter in high regard in the community not just as a fellow general but as a person as she is one of kind (much like the character I have matched her with), moral of the story hatter will watch back with ferociousness if your on her side but expect to hear from her if you do wrong
  • The Hulk – KSI BOOGDADDY
    • Why: I believe that our resident for honour guru could be the hulk due to the fact that when you are talking to him he is a very clever person who you can hold an intelligent conversation with about a multitude of things but when he gets angry there is nothing that will stop the big green monster rearing his head and HULK SMASHING his way through anyone and anything
  • Ironman – KSI ODINN 7
    • Why: I have matched odinn with the character because he holds everything good about this community close to his heart, he is always motivating people to better themselves and also giving them friendly reminders about posting things that need to be done, and if odinn had all of iron mans suits and gadgets he would surely put them to good use for the good of the division and the community
  • Loki – KSI CR4ZYJ4Y89
    • Why: A mischievous person who likes to crack a joke or two with people but when it comes to the punch would surely use everything in his power to get things done, has always informed people of updates when they appear and will always be thankful of any help provided to him. Is always willing to adapt and learn on his journey and as another fellow general in last strike will always go above and beyond but will always show devotion to his squad a division
  • Star-Lord (Peter Quill) – KSI Mayor 7
    • Why: A fun loving run of the mill guy who will laugh and joke with anyone, always listening to music while gaming much like star lord does before a battle, but when the time comes mayor will show up and destroy anyone even if it’s in a whimsical way lol. End of the day mayor as an ex co founder will always get things done
  • Thanos – KSI Scotland 7
    • Why: now I have matched Scotland with thanos because although thanos wanted to destroy the universe and Scotland obviously doesn’t, he wants what’s best for the community and will do anything within reason to achieve this, and if Scotland had his  virtual gauntlet each little spot on that gauntlet would be filled with a different department from KSI, as he is the chief department manager it would be very fitting. Because without all the departments it would be hard pressed to find out what’s going on in the community
  • Thor – KSI No Horizon
    • Why: well I think this is very fitting as Horizon is much like Thor in a gaming aspect he has his funny, jokey side a serious side and the side you never want to see. With that being said with horizon ruling over rocket league with his mighty hammer ( his posh car ) I See a lot of potential in horizon as an officer and future leader ( but not the king of asgard lol ) so in hindsight horizon will laugh and joke with anyone but get on the wrong side and that hammer will start a spinning and things will be thunderous
2nd Place – KSI HAVOC 7
  • Black Panther – KSI HellsKnight
    • Smart, skillful, hardworking, and dedicated. Pretends to be an average man, but in secret he comes from a technologically advanced place and fights with his claws.
  • Captain America – KSI VENUM 7
    • The embodiment of dedication and strength. His strength is unwavering even when he’s viewed as the underdog. Protector of the people, both at home and community wide.
  • Dr Strange – KSI December 77
    • Mystic, secretive, and sometimes a bit… strange. He holds within his mind a library’s worth of knowledge. He will protect the world even if we don’t know his master plan.
  • Gamora – KSI DarkAngel 7
    • Masterful warrior, will smile kindly before stabbing a knife in your neck. Most skilled warrior in the battle but plays it cool.
  • The Hulk – KSI Teufel
    • Kind and gentle in nature, can be a bit of a dork. But piss him off and he will rip your arms off. Has a great internal conflict brewing within, deep, deep within. Otherwise everyone loves to be around him.
  • Ironman – KSI Fadez 7
    • Extremely smart, always at the cutting edge of knowledge and discovery. Sees a great darkness within his mind, and does everything he can to prevent it and protect those he loves and holds dear.
  • Loki – KSI Bane
    • Mischievous and cunning, just when you think you what’s going on, it turns out to be an illusion. Many see a villain, but deep down he will throw his life down for his family. Never seems to die.
  • Star-Lord – KSI Nebula 7
    • Very funny, has a great sense of humor. Seems like a normal dude but is actually half-god. Will randomly break into song to solve a problem. Fiercely loyal to his friends.
  • Thanos – KSI Cherry 7
    • Holds the weight of the universe on her shoulders. Looks to the future and the problems to come. He solutions may seem harsh, but they are effective. And when all else fails she isn’t afraid to get her own hands dirty. Can kill you with a snap of her fingers.
  • Thor – KSI xKing 77
    • God of thunder, bringer of storms. This is the man to bring down the hammer, hopefully not on your head. Enemies fear him, and his friends love him. Has a weakness for mortal women.
  • War Machine – KSI Artifice
    • Your best friend, and your teammate on the battlefield. Is armed to the teeth, has a weapon for every foe, and will not let you down. Even after being shot from the sky, he will get right back into the fight.
  • Black Widow – KSI Majesty
    • The enforcer, the secret agent, this woman is deadly. On a team of super heroes, she is often forgotten, but can kill those who think they have her outmatched. Her skills are numerous.
  • Scarlet Witch – KSI Harmony 7
    • Uses magic to fly, fight, and effect your mind. While at times she may not seem to be a friend, she is there when you call upon her. Never going down in the fight, she continues to fight onward.
3rd Place – KSI Aion
  • Black Panther – KSI Deimos
    • Why: He is secretly Japanese just like the king of Wakanda is secretly black panther and has technology from the year 2200. Honestly Deimos is the quiet sneaky guy so I feel like he would do good as a loki but since he can be trusted to watch your back in a team event he gotta be black panther. Deimos hides in the shadows just like how he lurks behind Zelus deadly knight of the night. Can come from nowhere and smash your dreams to the ground by suddenly getting a kill streak and taking first place, Even shooting you in the back before you get the final game winning kill or just straight eating all you bullets before turning  around and mowing you down like you weren’t ever there.
  • Captain America – Bio Zhi
    • Why: Basically is the leader of avengers and zelus is the leader of are trio (Zelus, Aion and Deimos = trio) in a way as me and Deimos joined his squad and division and he is normally the shot caller for his teams in events/tournaments and always planning these major sweeps of the tournaments for ww2 or other call of duty event. Since he does the planning and leads the execution making him the leader Zelus is thus are Captain America.
  • Dr Strange – Future dt
    • Why: Well as his name suggests he can see the future just like Dr Strange. Future is a strange creature who always likes to make no sense and is unfathomable at the best of times just like how Dr Stange is a master of the arcane arts which are vastly complex and hard to understand. However this often leads to good and enjoyable times for all as long as you are not too serious or stressed out.
  • Gamora – KSI LostHyperion
    • Why: He is the A representation of Gamora in infinity war. In it to win it but dies for the team and the greater good just before the end similar to Hyperion’s experience in Fall Classic. In it to win it gets spawn trapped by me and Zelus near the end finally being eliminated just before the final Match but allowing me and zelus to move on by killing him effectively taking 1 for the team and allowing WD to win 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the WW2 FFA.
  • The Hulk – KSI x Desolate
    • Why: Just like Banner claims to always be angry Desolate is always mad and when Hulk smashes Desolate rages. The only difference is Banner turns green less. However even though Hulk Smashes and Bashes destroying all in site and making everyone run for the hills at first sight People still like him more than thor and respect him more than thor. Its always a good time with the Big green guy and as we found out in ragnorok Hulk is a nice lonely hunk of green greatness. Desolate has the rage but he also have the friends just like hulk desolate might rage but its normally over the same things everyone else does in a call of duty games just he expresses it a bit more than others but we still love him all the same (Just a side not Im 100% straight and not into guys).
  • Ironman – KSI WaviestSnow
    • Why: Just like Iron man is a lost leader trying to do what is right but not always succeeding in a perfect way and thus not gaining everyone’s total admiration and acknowledgement Waviest is a great guy you tries hard as a leader in KSI always willing to help and do his part but sometimes feels like he is a lost puppy that you just wanna pick up and walk home. Good guy that you can get along with easily and always active and giving to the community just like Iron man sets up charities and learning courses in the MCU. You could say Waviest is WDs Iron man
  • Loki – KSI Cherry 7
    • Why: I mean its a school teacher that plays xbox nerds on discord and has rick and morty for a profile picture on discord. Refusing to reveal any of this information to the students you could say Cherry leads a double life where teacher Cherry disguises the epic video gaming nerd as a teacher. If the truth was ever revealed to the class people would stare in shock as the students go WTF aren’t you just a boring teacher that does nothing other than ruin are lives. Its villainous how the lies have lead to the double of cherry the gamer and cherry the teacher kinda like how loki is all about disguise and hiding (also cherry says loki is the best).
  • Thanos – KSI Kalakoi 77
    • Why: Always loves to come rain on the parade throwing out unneeded facts or just stopping you from having a good time like the evil Thanos. If he hasnt shot you with that shotgun when your on a high streak you maybe dont feel he is evil enough to be Thanos and all I can say glad your not on the other side of that ‘CLICK’ of a button. Although he is an Evil Villain we all hate we also Love him for bring us Avengers Infinity War making him a hero to all are hearts just like Kalakoi is a hero to WD for repping us at the fall classic and supporting the division as a 77 those you cant really hate the guy some we call him have first 2 letters of Hate and the last 2 of Love.
  • Thor – KSI HANGx2xLOW
    • Why: Just liek thor Hang is your uninvited 2nd cousin that half your friends hate but you love it when he shows as you can rely on him going big. Always a luagh with hang like it is with the thor movies Hang will bring good times and hang with the group. Nearly impossible to get a response from him on Discord just like for the avengers trying to contact thor from earth nearly impossible. In the end he comes in like a storm and leaves like a bigger storm thats why he is Thor King of Asgard and God of Thuder for he is mighty (Must be really easy being king of Asgard before Hang Low got there).

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Many thanks to the 27 members who participated last month! Remember, taking part in SYTYCW always earns your division points towards the Divisional Cup.

November’s SYTYCW topic will open on 11/4. Head to the News Section to post your submission!


– KSI December 77 and the News Team

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