SYTYCW Topic: November 2018

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KSI Reflections – 2018

Think over the past year you’ve spent in KSI – or less, depending – and answer November’s three So You Think You Can Write questions. Be as detailed as possible! Everyone is encouraged to participate, but only member submissions will be counted.

This topic will close November 27th @ 11:59pm EST. Remember! Submissions earn points for your division in the 2018 Divisional Cup!

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1. What has been the most impactful moment in your KSI career in 2018?
2. What is something you’ve learned from this community (this past year) that you use or apply in real life?
3. Who is the one KSI peer or mentor who has influenced you most in 2018 and why?
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Go here to make your submission today: SYTYCW: November 2018

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