Spotlight Awards: December 2018

December Spotlight award nominations are open! Head to the HSI section on the forums to make yours today!

Nominate fellow members you feel should be recognized for their work. Specifically, for contributions they’ve made to the community over the past 2 months. Nominations are open through Saturday, December 22nd!

Spotlight Awards

There are two possible Spotlight Award nominations:

Member Spotlight Award

  • Any Clan Ops member up to and including the rank of General
  • Any Department Ops Staff member
  • Any Web Ops Staff member

7 Spotlight Award

  • Any Clan Ops 7, ranked Co-Founder and higher
  • Any Department Ops Head or Co-Head
  • Any Web Ops Senior Mod or Admin

The HSI Staff will consider all nominations and conduct primary and secondary rounds of voting. At the end, a Member Spotlight Award winner and a 7 Spotlight Award winner will be selected! Both will receive:

  • An exclusive, in-depth interview with HSI Staff
  • A featured Spotlight Award article on KSI Global
  • Either the Member Spotlight Award or the 7 Spotlight Award


Bonus Prize!

  • Both winners will also receive the Winter Is Coming award. (Which means you’ll be able to visit KSI December 77 up at Castle Black.)

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Members may submit no more than two nominations – one Member Spotlight nomination and one 7 Spotlight nomination.
  2. Favoritism is not permitted. Example: “I like this person and that’s why they should get the award.”
  3. Self-nominations are not permitted.
  4. Factual and detailed witness statements are required for all nominations. The more content, the better. Don’t hesitate to include your nominee’s contributions to the community (Clan, Dept and Web Ops), ranks held, awards received, divisional achievements and personal accomplishments.
  5. Submit both your Member and 7 nominations in the same post. Do not post twice.

Only nominations that follow these guidelines will be considered. Please contact KSI GreendayFox with any questions or for more information.

Click here to submit your nominations!

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