Game Preview – Anthem

Are you on the fence about pre-ordering Anthem? Want more information on the premise of the game? Check out our Game Preview below!


2019 heralds some of the world’s most awaited games. At the top of this list is the much anticipated RPG, Anthem – created by EA and BioWare. Development for Anthem was started back in 2012 and teased about in 2014. But it was finally announced as a real thing in 2017 through a game play trailer at E3. 

Anthem’s 2018 Official Cinematic Trailer was released more recently.


Anthem is set in a futuristic world. Here, a group of people called “Dominion” are trying to turn the Anthem of Creation into a weapon of mass destruction.

As a Freelancer, players will suit up in a mack daddy exoskeleton suit – or Javalin – and rid the world of evil doers.

There are 4 types of exo’s to start off with: 

  • Storm
  • Interceptor
  • Ranger
  • Colossus

All exo suits have separate tools for use in battle.

Based on an open world concept, Anthem gives ample gaming opportunities. Gamers will meet new players, grind for resources and jump on sought after loot drops. With the option to go as a solo player, or a group of up to 4, there will be many things to do.

One thing worth noting, the hardcore PvP player will be sorely disappointed. Competitive multiplayer won’t be a thing in Anthem. Developers decided to build the game solely around a PvE experience. Another concept not being brought into Anthem is BioWare’s use of “romantic relations”. Sorry love bugs!

Check out some in-depth insider game footage here:


Not much more information has been given to those of us who are impatiently awaiting Anthem’s first access release. Set to drop on February 22, 2019, the game has several early access times set aside for gameplay. The earliest of these is a Demo Access on February 1st.

Check this link out to see Ways To Play Early

Fingers crossed – Anthem will be the game of all games. Hopefully it’s worth all the hype that E3 has given it.

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