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Spirit Week 2022: Day 1 Re-cap

KSI’s most anticipated Annual Event, Spirit Week, has just begun! Come see what the Opening Ceremonies and games had in store for members!

With the coming of summer, graduations happen, grills are filled to the brim, and pools are finally ready to be full of laughter. It also brings the most highly active and anticipated annual event the KSI hosts for its members: Spirit Week! This event entails 5 GRUELING days of wrecked cars, sweaty trigger fingers, and unrecognizable words uttered. Last night’s Opening Ceremonies held several of those instances! If you missed out on any of the action with Golf With Your Friends or Knockout City, check out the Twitch channels at KSILive and KSILive2.

The Start

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of last night’s events, we had a few announcements made! The first major one came from KSI Venum 7. With the Forum’s Challenge in full swing, if a Division hits over 100 votes, a Forum’s group will go up to be raffled off! I mean, who doesn’t want an awesome new gif picture next to their name???

This next one came from KSI Akame 77, for a member of Tournaments and Events.

Due to his commitment and effort within the Tournaments and Events department, whether it is stepping in last minute to host, ensuring that communication between departments is upheld or even helping guide newer members in the department around the applications and setups we use within T&E, it is with my honour to announce that KSI SubZero is now the newest member of the T&E Senior Staff team! I am looking forward to seeing what this amazing young man can achieve in the future of this department.


Golf With Your Friends


  • KSI LeviMOFB
  • KSI N8iV 406


  • KSI BlurryTV

News Rep:

  • KSI Hatter77

L.C. Reps:

  • KSI Venum 7
  • KSI ATH3NA 7

Tonight’s opening headliner was the infamous Golf With Friends. Members filled the two lobbies and prayed their shots were on par! As each course was played and ended, the bottom two scorers were eliminated. When the last lobby came together, our five finalists were gunning for that first-place win!

To make the finale fair, the first two courses were a last-place single elimination. The third and final course would bring all the trouble, making the placement battle harder than expected. Things got heated with 5 holes left to go, AS KSI Pastries 7 and KSIxSnoopxDOGG both swapped first and second place repetitively. The last hole though would be the eventual deal sealer. Pastries managed to beat the par by two strokes, tying him up with Snoop, who only had to get a three-stroke hole… Well, the glorious river that ran through it had other thoughts in mind, floating Snoop every which a way but the right one. When all was said and done, KSI Pastries 7 pulled the win out, and really made it look easy!

The Podium:

First Place: KSI Pastries 7 (CS)

Second Place: KSIxSnoopDOGG (WD)

Third Place: KSI WinterMoth (CS)

Honorable Mentions

  • KSI OddBa11 (WD)
  • KSI D TuRtL3 (CS)
  • KSI Volcano (ES)
  • KSI Venum 7 (BoD)
  • KSI Star5528 (WD)
  • HELLFIRE919 (WD)
  • KSI Paradox 7 (CS)
  • KSI Jewels (ES)
  • KSI SubZero (ES)

Knockout City


  • KSI Atom 7
  • KSI Akame 77


  • KSI Food 7

News Rep:

  • KSI Hatter77

L.C. Reps:

  • KSI Shatner 7
  • KSI ATH3NA 7

Our second game of the Opening Ceremonies was Knockout City. For those who don’t know about this game, it’s a glorified version of dodgeball. Members start off on the playing field running to grab regular and power-up balls. Then they launch at other players in hopes of taking away their two hearts and getting an elimination. The first player to get to 15 eliminations wins the round. As each round ends, the bottom two players get a strike, and those who obtain two strikes are eliminated from the game.

Knockout City started off smoothly with two running lobbies. Within 30 minutes, we had our final players from each lobby form the finals. All strikes were removed to start the finale on a fresh slate. As each round ended, a new victor climbed the ranks. When the final three players entered the playing field, however, a surprise threw everyone for a loop.

Slow and steady was NOT the name of the game for our three finalists. They came out balls all in force. Everyone thought that the reigning champion, KSI Uppish 7, who had won many of the previous matches, would come out as the victor. That was indeed not the case. KSI NoBe and KSI Blast managed to land some incredible throws, eliminating Uppish, and moving forward to the final showdown. Here, we had a 1v1 faceoff. It was the best of three rounds, with the first member to land three KO’s taking home the Dub. With the way that Blast and NoBe were beating up the competition, it was a toss-up as to who would take this home. Ultimately, it was KSI NoBe with a two-round 3-1 score that sent him as Victor of the Arena!

The Podium:

First Place: KSI NoBe (WD)

Second Place: KSI Blast (ES)

Third Place: KSI Uppish 7 (CS)

Honorable Mentions:

  • KSI Infid3l (CS)
  • KSI Joker (ES)
  • KSI MsLibra2 (WD)
  • TooDrunk2Come (CS)
  • KSI T StackG (CS)
  • KSI Cozy (ES)
  • OTG Bubbles2 (ES)
  • KSI x tiger (WD)

Forums Challenge Poll

With every KSI Annual Event, we have the Forums Challenge Poll, which is always a hot topic at hand. Members from across the community come and vote for their Division to show some love. They can also comment to get their Spirit Week 2022 Forums award! This event has shown no different outcome than any other, as all three Divisions started the night off heavy. As the clock struck midnight and we were five hours into the beginning of Spirit Week, members already had over 125 votes on the board! Make sure to go out and rep your Div in the Forums Challenge Poll before 8 pm EST on Sunday, June 26, as that’s when it closes!

Day Two Hype

As day one ended with Golf With Your Friends and Knockout City, day two holds the ever beloved GTA V Street Races and Rocket League 3v3 Soccer. Both events begin at 8 pm EST, are streamed on KSI’s Twitch channels, and will be something members won’t want to miss out on! Thank you to all of our members, whether you be in Clan, Dept, or Web Ops, who have already come and made the start of Spirit Week 2022 a success!

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