Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Cupid’s Clash: Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but our member’s word of love will ring on forever! Come see what members had to say to others!

Ah, Valentine’s Day can be so romantic, but here in KSI, we show love to everyone not just our partners *Wink Wink*. The News Team and AAP Team, with the help of KSI Kakashii 77, were able to let YOU, the members spill your hearts out to your, friends, mentors, and partners! With Cupid’s Clash slowly approaching, we hope you all enjoy yourself and have some friendly competition!

From: KSIMommabear  

To: KSI Gambit 7 

Thanks for all of your support when I doubt myself and the direction that I’m going your always there to pick me up and point me back to the right path

From: KSI Harmony 

To: KSI BabyTank  

Thanks for all you do for Samurai and KSI. You are very much appreciated. 

From: Sasuke08  

To: Kakashii 77 

You have always been there to support me and the community. You’re a good friend just wanted to let you know I appreciate you. 

From: KSIxAsuma 77  

To: Kakashii 77 

Thank you for all that you do. You always go above the call of duty to make KSI run smoothly. You take the time to play a part in helping each and every single aspect of the community. Much appreciation. 

From: KSI BIG MACK 92 

To: KSI TEA7  

Thanks so much for what you and Hatter do in terms of the News Team. You make me a better person because of that. 

From: KSI Buck 

To: KSI Eslin024 

The amount of effort and care you put into everything you do, whether big or small, is astounding. Not only do you care about the community, but just people in general. Keep doing you! 

From: Sleepy 

To: KSI Shatner7   

Thank you for not only being an amazing mentor but a true friend. You’ve helped me overcome multiple obstacles in my life this past year, some of those of where I didn’t think I’d come out on the other side the same or even good. Appreciate you homie, much love brotha. 

From: KSI SubZero 

To: Kakashii 77 

Thank you for all you do for this community. I appreciate everything you do bud. You’re a good friend to have. 

From: KSI Star5528 

To: Kakashii 77 

You were there as a face for KSI from the first time I joined KSI. You never let me down as a friend or as someone to guide me through KSI. You call out BS when it needs to be called out, but you are loyal to the core. What you do for the community is appreciated. 

From: KSI NoBe 


From day one you have molded me into what I believe is a great member and officer to this community. So, I thank you for everything you have done for me and will continue to do in this community. Keep on keeping on you little try-hard. 

From: KSI Eyonia 7 

To: KSI Chanting  

This man has been my ride-or-die for about 5 years. I can always lean on him when I need to talk or vent when I need someone to pull me out of my own head, hash out my thoughts, or someone to make me smile when I don’t want to. Even when we didn’t talk for a while he would call and check up on me and see how life was going for me. Now, back into KSI after being retired for 2 years, he is still always there for me. Getting to be officers again together but, in the opposite order has been really great.  That officer flow going again. When I forgot something, he is there to be the other half of my brain. I couldn’t appreciate anyone more than I do this man. Thanks for always putting up with me and my antics for so long. You have always had a love and drive for this division. Even in the past, it shows with the support you have for everyone in ES, not just our squad. I know I’m not the only one who appreciates you and everything you do for all of us. Thank you for being my Best Friend/Ride or Die. 

From: Laquarium 

To:  The Chadmin 

Damn where to begin. From the movies we made to what we used to do to our Div Leader. Man, I have known this dude for years and I appreciate everything he does for the community. 

From: KSI Shatner7 

To: Sleepy 

Sleepy has made amazing strides as a person, and a leader within KSI since I’ve come to know him. His dedication to this community is largely unrivaled. Which says a lot given the adversity he’s faced. A lesser person would’ve folded long ago, but Sleepy doubles down where they wouldn’t. He’s the GEN I always knew he could be and more. I’m proud to see the progress he’s made and honored to be his friend. Keep being awesome, Nap Time. 

From: KSI Tea 7  

To: KSI DC 77 

With all the crap you go through you are an amazing person and leader. You’re an amazing friend that I get to call family and I don’t get to say that about a lot of people. You are honest, kind, and sometimes a poop head. But you’re an awesome poop head. Don’t be too hard on yourself and get shit done! You got this; I know you can! 

From: KSI Eslin024  

To: KSI Buck 

Ayo. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and always being there when I need someone to talk to. You always know what advice to give and always got some funny jokes. (You’ve definitely aced dad jokes and ya kiddo isn’t that old) You’ve always been ready to do things involving KSI and sometimes I even think you’re one step ahead of me. I’m going to miss you in the officer core but I’m glad I’ve made a lifelong friend. Keep being a wonderful dad to your lil’ nugget and remember your homies are a call away when you need us. 

From: KSI Sinon 

To: Sleepy 

 Love ya brother, keep being awesome! You are doing amazing! 

From: KSI Borgata 

To: KSI Gambit 7 

This dude is the epitome of a leader for this community and I cannot give enough praise. I’m not extremely close with Gambit nor do I talk to him on a regular basis. However, from every encounter I’ve had with him, it’s become abundantly clear he is what a leader is and should be for this community. He has exceptional leadership ability which is demonstrated through his engagement and presence with the junior members and squad-level officers alike. He is humble, personable, and brings a great atmosphere to any game night or party he is involved with. I’m extremely appreciative of his commitment to the community and fostering an environment that I and others can enjoy. Thanks for all you do brotha man. 

From: KSI FatGuy 

To: KSI Harmony  

She has been a huge help in teaching me how KSI works and helping me train to become a potential officer. 

From: KSI Jewels  

To: KSI Eyonia 7  

Dear Eyo aka my twin, you have become one of my best friends. You are an amazing officer but also just an overall amazing friend. You are always there to help me with anything from KSI stuff to personal life stuff. I appreciate everything that you do! 

From: KSI Nezuko 

To: Sleepy 

Mr. P. McSlapperton, you’ve done an outstanding job as a Gen and I’m sure everyone could agree. You’re the guy who’s always going up and beyond without slowing down. I appreciate everything you’ve done for both me and the squad. Much love homie and keep up the good work! 

From: KSI Babytank  

To: KSI Shrink  

Shrink you have been my best friend for over 7 years in KSI and out. If I need any help, you are always the one I count on. You have helped me out a lot. I appreciate you to the max thank you so much! 

From: KSI DarkAngeI 7 

To: KSI MeShell 7 

We used to be senior forums moderators together and we haven’t really talked since she left, but it’s nice that we still send TikTok’s back and forth all the time lol 


To: KSI Ms. Legion  

She is one of the best friends I ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is everything to me and much more. I’m truly blessed to have met her on console and real-life she definitely has my heart, much love Jilliana. 

From: KSI KingdomX 

To: KSI StreakX 

Dude is a real one, if I ever had to choose someone to be in my corner and have my back it would be this guy right here! From me and him rapping together, to me and him wrecking with snipers on Call of Duty. This dude has become more like a brother to me and I will continue to root for him and see him grow throughout his career in KSI. Much love homie! 

From: TheChocolateAxe 

To: KSI_Vex 

Vex is one of those people who are chill, down to earth, and just an all-around nice guy. I’d hate if this man gets put down emotionally by anyone as he just puts everyone else before him and he truly is like a brother to me. 

From: KSI W3ndigo  

To: KSI Downish 

He’s a real sweetheart. He’s been there for me when I had no one. He’s helped me when I was down and depressed, I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I know we may have a rocky friendship but I wouldn’t ask for anyone else. You have no idea how much you mean to me. Love you, no homo. 

From: KSI Lucifer 

To: KSISparkyFly 

This guy, what can I say. He’s a true friend in, and outside of the community. He is there as an officer, to step up and help take care of the team. When the need is, he is there for the members under him, no matter what they need. Whether it’s KSI-related, or if someone is having a rough time and needs someone to vent frustrations with. He’s the type of member and officer that this community needs. 

From: KSI Slick 7 

To: KSI Uppish 7 

I’m thankful for this goober because he made me realize what I was lacking for some time. My why. It had gotten lost in the sauce over time and things just weren’t adding up for me. Watching his movement and his ways and having our vent sessions late at night, ignited that spark and reason why I was here. I’m also thankful for the hard work, long nights, and consistent effort he gives to his division and his officers and members. Dudes a standup guy in my book even though he’s whack lol. I see so much of my younger self in him and I know once he perfects his craft there is nowhere he can’t go. Love ya bud no homo lol 

From: KSI Shrink 

To: KSI Harmony 

You’ve been there since day one. Since I came back and I thank you for that and for that reason you are getting a gift.

From: KSISparky Fly 

To: KSI_Lucifer 

He has been there for me since I joined. He is always there for when I need him. He is a true friend and leader. 

From: KSI Unity 

To: KSI Muck 

To one of my best friends, since you’ve joined it’s been a ride. You made this journey possible by encouraging me to do this. I’m happy to have you in my life and to call you my best friend. 



Venum, you are one of the nicest, kindest people I know. Without your drive and commitment to my learning, I wouldn’t be trying new things In the KSI community. Thanks for being my mentor and always remember, YOU ARE A BIG DEAL. 

From: KSI TRU Beast 

To: KSI_Vex 

This man right here has made being an officer so fun because we laugh at each other’s mistakes and check the other’s work. I don’t know what I would do without my boo-boo. 

From: maternal6 

To: KSI_Vex 

This man is a true G and one of the best officers here. He is cool to play with and just in general a good person. 

From: KSI Eyonia 7 


I think she deserves this award because she has been so welcoming to not only myself but to everyone in our new squad. She has the perfect mindset to be an officer, mentor and friend. I’m very glad to be a part of this squad and to have met her. 

From: KSI xJoker 7 

To: KSI Gambit 7 

Dear Gambit, we’ve known each other for several years. During this time, you’ve been a great friend and mentor. I’m glad that this time around in KSI we’ve been able to reconnect again, I’m grateful for everything that you’ve shown me. Whether it’s been how to be a better officer or a better person. I hope you and your amazing family have a fantastic Valentine’s Day. 

From: KSI KlRlTO  

To: KSI Chanting  

Although newer to me, but old to the community. I just wanted to give him a shout-out for uplifting those around him and constantly pushing them to greater success. 

From: HotNMessy 

To: xking77 

Love of my life <3 you’re amazing and you mean the world to me. <3<3<3 

From: KSI_March  

To: McNuGGET65 

One hell of an officer and a great friend to have by my side! Couldn’t ask for a better friend 

 From: KSI_Vex 

To: KSI Kat 

The person that’s made the biggest impact on me since going KSI has been KSI Kat. Since day one of being in Rebellion, it’s been nothing but excitement! Kat showed me so much of what KSI truly is and what KSI truly had to offer. I came into KSI not wanting to be an officer and just test out the waters. NOW… I have one goal and it’s to climb the ranks and work alongside her. She has such passion and dedication for this community that’s it’s insane. She puts her squad before her own needs and is always the one reaching out asking “do you need anything? You good” and it’s the drive we all need. If we had more Kat’s around, KSI would be phenomenal. Rebellion isn’t Rebellion without Kat. And KSI wouldn’t be KSI without her. She’s truly an inspiration for us here in Rebellion. And I’m more than grateful for having her as my mentor. 

From: KSI Zordon 

To: KSI T StackG 

I really appreciate you working with me and taking the time to get refreshed and trained. 

From KSI Paradox7 

To KSI Akame 7 

I want to shout Chris out because we have been through so much together and yes we have had our ups and downs but we have never let anything come between us. Chris is one of the most generous people I have the honor to know and call a friend. If you’re reading this mate, thank you for being just who you are! 

From: KSI Kat 

To: KSI Sungazer 7 

Sungazer, thank you for bringing me into KSI. If it wasn’t for you, I would never have made as many friends and enjoyed gaming as much as I do now. Thank you for lightening my load as an officer and reminding me that I don’t have to do everything on my own. <3 

From: KSI Sungazer 7 

To: KSI Kat 

I hate you the least ? 

From: KSI xKing 77
To: KSI Lil Bean

Thank you for all you do. Being a new mom and working full-time but still finding time to game and time to hangout with the family. I love you more and more everyday?

From: Hatter 77 

To: Bacchus  

So happy to be working with you again. Even in sticky situations, I wouldn’t change that for anything. Thank you for, well, just being you. Much love brother. The last 10 years have meant more than you will know, and I look forward to many more! “Thank you for being a friend!!!”

From: Kakashii 77 

To: The Members 

I love you guys, and you’re all awesome in your own ways. I know there will be days where I miss you, but I know that you guys will continue to do great things, and that makes up for it. Keep grinding, and keep gaming. I’m always here if you need me. <3 

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