Special Iron Man Xbox Available in France

Xbox has created a special edition “Iron Man” Xbox One console. There’s only 3, and they’re in France.

The following story was submitted to KSI News by KSI ORION.


French gamers get an exclusive special edition Xbox One for the “Avengers: Civil War” movie release.

This Xbox One is built by Stark Industries to mimic the iconic Iron Man suit.

The console comes with an arc reactor built on the top of the console and a smaller arc reactor replacing the Xbox symbol on the front of the console.

The controller is marked with the Stark Industries logo and the home button lights up blue instead of the normal white color. The system only comes in white, an appealing color for gaming enthusiasts.

Everyone would love to have this special customized system, but there’s bad news; it’s only available in France.

On top of its limited availability being only to France, there were only 3 of these systems made. The systems were made as a special giveaway through Xbox France social media applications.

What else will Xbox think of? Will a system be made for other countries? Well, no one has confirmed any details for a special release in other countries, but there is always a chance we could get lucky.

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