SYTYCW: KSI Mythology Winners!

SYTYCW KSI Mythology Winners have been announced! Check out their submissions here!

So You Think You Can Write: KSI Mythology

Please congratulate our First and Second place winner’s of June’s SYTYCW: KSI Mythology! Thank you to everyone who participated, we had fun reading these.


KSI Skarzx 77 – First Place

Mythology subject – KSI Ronin 77

“Ronin was a hero who fell on hard times that caused him to retreat into darkness, never to be seen again. He would find his grief lessened and upon his return he would seek penance for his crimes of old. The King (7s), jealous of the demi-god, would set him on impossible tasks expecting him to fail and once again fall into despair.

His first task would be to become an officer and rise to General. After some time he would claim the land of Volatile as his own and return to the king for his next task. At this time the legend of Ronin would begin passing from the mouths of the corporals and privates as well as the other kings in the division.

The King would now set his next impossible task – becoming a 7. As the months went by and that tasks were completed, the confounded King found himself lost from his Kingdom and the Legend of Ronin continued to grow. He performed what he was expected to fail, earning fame and rising in rank above Kings. He now sits in Olympus with the other gods and demi-gods (Seniors/BOD).”

KSI Fadez 7 – Second Place

Mythology subject – KSI Harmony 7

“Harmony was known through the lands as a very helpful and caring person. As her renown grew, she eventually stepped up into a leadership role in her village and attained the title of Divine Warrior.

After many trials and tribulations, she went out of her way to guide her fellow villagers to providence and prosperity, assisting all who asked for her help. She became such a pillar to the village and the kingdom, she was entrusted to visit different villages. She was charged to teach them the decreed words and guidance of the ruling council of the kingdom. Her goal – to improve the performance and production of the kingdom.

After much effort and care for all who needed it, she was revered and remembered as the Goddess of Compassion and Guidance. To this day nobody else has ever been able to reach the feats that she accomplished and achieve deity status in the world. Her touch will forever be felt throughout the land.”


Our topic for this month is your “KSI Resume“! It’s time to start thinking back to the good ole days. Take a trip down memory lane and let us know where you’ve been!

We are also happy to announce that DOUBLE POINTS will be awarded for July’s SYTYCW! Now is the perfect time to help out your Division and earn those points!!

Submit your KSI Resume here: July SYTYCW

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