Member Spotlight: KSI xKamikaze

Read what Hatter 7 has to say about May’s Monthly Spotlight winner – KSI xKamikaze

First Impressions

People often say that first impressions are unreliable; I tend to disagree. Personally, I believe the power of a first impression shows someone’s true demeanor. In this instance, it was a total knockout.

“I appreciate you being willing to work with me on such a short notice. This week has been hectic and this means a lot.” To which KSI xKamikaze replied, “No problem. I’m one of the easiest members to get a hold of. I’m all about member retention.”

The Beginnings Of KSI xKamikaze

KSI xKamikaze had previously been in LW but left due to a series of unfortunate events and interactions.

“I feel that my past experience in KSI doesn’t dictate who I am now. I want to leave that behind me and focus on the present and what we can do for DW in the future.” KSI xKamikaze was re-recruited into Samurai DW on December 22, 2017 by KSI xTheKing 7.

“King saw the amount of productivity in me. He convinced me to come back and help Samurai grow. I really wanted to give it another shot, to bring people together and help others anyway I could.” After returning, Kamikaze put in his name change in hopes of becoming an officer.

“I’m a natural born leader. I didn’t feel that I was doing as much as I could while only being a Sergeant. Besides, with my hopes of becoming CoDiv in a year, you kind of have to become an officer.” As an officer in Samurai DW, Kamikaze was also a part of the News Team and for a while, the Marketing Team as well.

Becoming A Leader

“I felt like my attention was split in too many directions. This lead me to leave the Marketing Team and focus more on my career within my squad and the News Team.” With his new found time, Kamikaze threw himself into his work and rose through the ranks of Samurai like a weed in the summer. On May 25, 2018, Samurai got their well deserved squad split. As a 1st Captain, KSI xKamikaze took the baby squad in a 40/60 split and Paladin DW was born.

KSI xKamikaze had obtained the almost impossible. With hard work and dedication, he achieved General in 5 months. In less than a month of Paladin being born, it has grown to 61 members.

“Nothing is holding us back right now.” Kamikaze said, “Our SGT’s are stepping up and helping to make things happen and anything we want to become possible. We want to split Paladin and make DW grow!”

Becoming A Mentor

Throughout KSI xKamikaze’s career, he came across many amazing people.

“I’ve had many people influence the way I do things. My 7’s from my division, DW, as well as the News Team heads, they’ve been so helpful. I could never pick just one mentor to spotlight my career. I’ve learned a lot from them all, and will continue to use the knowledge they gave me to help others.”

“Taking what I’ve learned, I have some words of wisdom for those who want to work up into KSI. If you see struggling members around, don’t hesitate to help. You never know if you might have saved a life. Don’t always depend on Discord either. KSI is a community built around the XBOX, so use that instead. Set the example, but follow by example too. Keep morale high. Explain how to do things, don’t just rush through things. You don’t always have to be a boss either. Be a friend, a leader that people can rely on. You don’t have to slap someone on the hand for mistakes they have made. Instead, show them how to fix their problems. These are some of the things I try to live by within my KSI life, as well as my daily life.”

In The Spotlight

KSI xKamikaze has lead an amazing KSI career. He has been ready and willing to tackle ANYTHING anyone has brought to him. Through this he has been exceptionally humble too.

When asked about his reaction to winning a Monthly Spotlight, Kamikaze said “Winning this member spotlight in a tie has been an incredible experience. It was as amazing as when I won my Outstanding Service Award. There were 22 members who claimed me as mentor and their responses put tears in my eyes. This is that same exact feeling. The ride gives me a high feeling of euphoria and makes me want to work harder. This squad and division are amazing and very helpful and I just hope I can give back as much as they have given to me.”

Words from the Community:

“Kamikazi is the hardest working member I know. He mentors everyone he can. He equips his lower officers with the tools and knowledge needed.”

“Kamikazi always puts 110% into each part of the community.” 

“He is a big part of DW and the way it works. Kamikaze is always helping in whatever ways he can, whether talking to members when they’re down, to giving advice with his large amount of knowledge!”

It’s obvious Kamikaze has been a exemplary member within KSI. His future seems nowhere near its end. Congratulations on winning the Member Spotlight. Good luck with your career KSI xKamikaze and here’s to hoping we can all be half as humble as you.


Article by KSI Hatter 7

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