Review: Destiny House of Wolves DLC

Is the Destiny House of Wolves DLC worth the money?

Last week, Bungie released the long awaited DLC and expansion for Destiny, The House of Wolves.

The House of Wolves includes 1 new social area, 5 new story missions, 1 new strike mission, 2 new multiplayer modes, new legendary and exotic gear for all guardian classes and increased the maximum light level for all guardians to level 34.

The new social area, The Reef, has brand new vendors, such as Petra where you can equip Queen Wrath’s bounties and DLC story missions and three dead ghost collectibles scattered around the area.

In the new story mission, the players must track down the Fallen Kell, Skolas, whom is attempting to unite the Fallen Houses by forcefully taking down the Awoken who imprisoned him. These missions mostly take place on Earth and Venus in all new areas, as opposed to the reuse of the same locations which many of the first Destiny DLC missions had done.

The new strike mission takes place on a Fallen ship located on the moon. The players must track down and kill the rogue Kell, Taniks.

House of Wolves also includes 2 new multiplayer modes.

The first is the Prison of Elders, a 3 player co-op, arena-style playlist with 4 different missions. In the beginning, enemies are level 28 and become increasingly difficult with the final challenge having enemies as high as level 35.

Players have to progress through 5 rounds of Hive, Fallen, Vex, or Cabal enemies with the final round being challenging boss fight.

After each round, the players are given rewards that increase in rarity as you go through one challenge to the next.

The second new multiplayer mode, the Trials of Osiris, is a 3 on 3 team deathmatch with player advantages being enabled, similar to the Iron Banner, and is only available on weekends .

Players are only given one life, but are able to revive fallen teammates, and must wipe out every member of the enemy team to win. Teamwork is key in order to be successful.

After a team either wins 9 or loses 3 matches, the mode is unplayable until it returns the next weekend, similar to the daily and weekly challenges.  The better you do on the Trials of Osiris, the better the rewards are.

The House of Wolves includes plenty of new armor pieces and weapons for all factions of the Tower and Reef.

Some of the weapons included, such as the Wolfslayer’s Claw or The Summoner Auto Rifle, can only be earned by playing the Prison of Elders or the Trials of Osiris.

On of the new exotic armors, the Celestial Nighthawk helmet, includes a special perk where the player’s golden gun does 6 times the amount of bonus damage with one shot.

To put that in perspective, if a player is a high enough level, the Celestial Nighthawk’s perk deals enough damage to take out Crota’s shield in the Crota’s End raid with just one shot.

Overall, the House of Wolves DLC is well worth the money. Destiny players have plenty of new experiences to look forward to with all the new content.

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