Re-launching Divisional Milestone Program!

DMP is re-launching?!! Catch a look at this article to get the inside scope on what’s new!

DMP?! What’s That?

Hello KSI community! Have you ever been casually scrolling through the forums, and happen to wander across the Divisional Milestone Program Section? Well, as of March 25, 2018 our Divisional Milestone Program is re-launching! Now I know some of you are probably wondering, what is DMP? These are basically awards for your Divisional. Throughout the year, our Divisions work hard and surpass multiple milestones. Why should you care? That’s a question anyone can answer, in my opinion you should care because your Division is your home here in the KSI community. If you are helping improve and helping your Division achieve it’s goals, you should care. Also, because it’s pretty awesome, and our AAP Team has put a lot of work into it!

What’s New?

With the DMP of 2018 there will be some new ideas! Since you all know Spring Break was this past weekend, Spring Break winners should be ready to go claim! The AAP is also introducing Crown Milestone that can only go to one division at a time. However it can be contested and moved to another Division! On top of that, there will be the addition of new milestones!

Wondering how they will be able to keep track of it? There will be Gallery topics to each Divisions space on the forums for easy access! Great right?!

Also, only Founders or higher are the ones who apply for milestones! Please keep in mind to read the Divisional Milestone Programme before applying, it helps a lot!


To conclude, the News Team would like to give a huge shout out to the AAP Team and all the work they do! These fun awards and OTM’s, wouldn’t be here without them! So please keep making shout outs to your Divisions and Members! Keep up the amazing support! What are you waiting for? Follow this link to see what’s up:


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