A preview of Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny: The Taken King drops soon, and we have a preview of the much-anticipated release.

“We have slain his brood. We have killed his son. Now, the Taken King comes for us all.”

The heart of the Black Garden had been put to a stop. The time altering world of the Vault of Glass, unraveled and Atheon toppled in his Conflux. Crota, killed in his world of darkness, deep beneath the Hellmouth. The Wolves, defeated and Skolas locked in his prison for the rest of time. All of these things has been the hallmark of year one for Destiny. Now, with year two beginning for players, and Oryx coming soon enough, there is a lot of information to look over and assess before the fight moves to the Dreadnought, Oryx’s massive ship that is heading towards Saturn and is the main setting for this new expansion.

Who exactly is Oryx?

“The Hive worship him like a God. Father to Crota and the Taken King, Oryx.”

Just as the quote mentions, Oryx is the father of Crota. This means that he’s probably rather upset that all those guardians killed his son.

So, he’s coming to finish the job that Crota could not do. Oryx has many abilities that Crota does not have, including being able to turn any enemy race he happens face  into his Taken army.

The darkness consumes their being, and puts them directly under Oryx’s control. Not only does it change their physique, but also gives each enemy special abilities specific to their race, making them much more dangerous. He also controls the Dreadnought, and the space fleet that comes along with it.

The new DLC releases at Midnight on September 15th for all available platforms and will include the following:

  • Several Story Missions and Quests
  • 7 new Crucible Maps (+1 PS Exclusive Map)
  • 3 new Strikes (+1 PS Exclusive Strike)
  • 3 New Subclasses
  • 3 New Crucible Playlists
  • 1 New Raid (King’s Fall)

We also have the Year 2 (2.0) update that was just released for changes to prepare for The Taken King. These changes include many things such as weapon balancing, re-purposing of the light level system, faction allegiances, exotic blueprint stations, and questlines.

The full patch overview can be seen here.

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