OTY Awards Recap: 2015

The Of The Years Awards night hosted annually by the AAP Department was yet another successful event. 50+ viewers strong for most of the time, KSI members all tuned in to see who had been voted the best in their respective positions.


The Of the Years award ceremony is an annual event held in KSI where recognition is given to those members who continue to support, work hard and help better the community all year round. These individuals keep squads together; help officers/members with their duties, questions and constant queries. Without these members our community would not be the same.


To kick off the night, the board of directors and AAP Department Head, KSI Scotland 7,  hopped on GTA V to provide some entertainment while listening to the awards ceremony. The amount of support in the chat was incredible, with many member cheering on winners and runner ups. For some, it was their first awards night, while other had tuned in many times.

The Of The Year Night was held to recognize those in KSI who have gone above and beyond in their rank, to make KSI a better gaming community. The list of eligible nominees this year had been forged from all past Of The Month winners, a different but respectable and logical approach.


Overall, the night was wonderful, with winners content and viewers happy to tune in.


See you next year, KSI!

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