Opinion: Men, don’t harass women

A new video is exposing a day of sexual harassment in NYC. What is your opinion about what the video shows?

In an effort to continue expanding the use of KSIGlobal.org, I’m opening up the site for people to contribute their opinions (respectfully) on a variety of topics. As things pop up that I feel can be talked about without to many issues arising, I will pose questions and state my opinion.

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So, here we go.

Earlier this week, a video was released of a woman walking through the streets of New York City in the middle of the day.

What followed was a compilation of men oogling and ogling at her as she walked by, trying to drum up conversation while she obviously had no interest.

The video has provided a great opportunity for the country to discuss the treatment of women.

We’ve seen celebrities and athletes objectify women and view them as property. We’ve seen women subject themselves to sex videos and other risque outlets so they could express themselves.

While some do indeed ask for this attention, men as a whole can’t generalize all women under the same umbrella and try to rain down compliments and sexual perversions.

I’ve seen many people argue that this woman is stuck up and these men were just trying to be friendly. This is the mentality we as a nation must move away from.

There are many subtle cues you, as a man, can take to know if it’s appropriate to approach a woman.

First off, does she look busy? Does she look like she has something more important to do than talk to you?

In this case, she definitely did. She was walking at a steady pace down a sidewalk, avoiding eye contact with everyone she passed – more on that in a second – and it was apparent she had no interest in chit-chatting.

Next, don’t be the guy who just started walking next to her. That’s straight up creepy.

Even if you were a big, buff, strong man, if someone just got up and started walking step-for-step with you, you’d get freaked the hell out.


Now, back to cues.

If you make mutual eye contact, or share a smile, or a nod, or some sort of nonverbal form of communication that is mutual, you may talk.

And even if you choose to ignore those cues, don’t walk up and immediately objectify or sexualize her.

“Ay mami” or “What’s up baby” is grossly perverted and idiotic. There’s zero respect in that.

Even to call her beautiful is disrespectful as it hints at sexual, not intrinsic, motives for initiating conversation.

Places like night clubs, hook-up joints and bars might find this behavior acceptable, but the a New York sidewalk in the middle of a work day is not an appropriate location for this behavior.

Men, you might feel like you’re simply complimenting a woman. You might think you’re coming off just right.

But ask any woman. Most of them will not react positively to being approached and seen as a sexual object.

I’m sure many of you have different takeaways or opinions, but I’m going to say firmly and definitely that this video exposes the ugly truth of the way many men act towards women, and the rigors a woman must deal with when walking down the street, let alone trying to jump-start a career or working her way into a managerial or supervisory role.

Just think next time you’re in public, before you try to be macho, or alpha, or Mr. cool guy, think about how it will come off and what sort of environment you’re creating for someone else.

What are your thoughts?

Comment your opinions (and be respectful), or craft a response and send it to me on the forums at  http://www.ksiforums.org/user/2917-pope-impyyy-vii/.

I’d love to hear from you and hope this is an increasing way to open lines of communication and foster a better community environment.

***DISCLAIMER: My opinions do not reflect those of KSI as an organization or of those of anyone on the Board of Directors. The thoughts and views expressed above are solely mine.***

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