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My Take On – Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Everyone’s favorite purple dragon is back! Come read KSI xMinion’s take on this recent remaster!

November 13th, 2018 saw the return of everybodya??s favourite purple childhood hero – and no, I’m not talking about Barney the dinosaur.

Spyro, the sassy teen dragon, returned to Xbox One and Playstation alongside some familiar faces. Among those were his trusty dragonfly companion Sparx, loyal companion Hunter the cheetah, Zoe the checkpoint fairy and Moneybags, the rip-off artist bear who charged extortionate prices in exchange for new abilities and gateway allowances.

The single player reignited trilogy was brought back to celebrate the games 20th anniversary by game developers a??Toys for Boba??, the very same people that introduced us to Skylanders back in 2011. Activision – most commonly known for games such as DOOM and the Call of Duty series – had the honors of producing this childhood classic platform video game. The games age rating? E10+. The game’s stress rating? Phenomenal.

The trilogy is a classic collection, consisting of the first 3 Spyro games.


#1 – Spyro The Dragon

The first of the three is a??Spyro The Dragona??. In this game, our young dragon hero, aided by his trusty dragonfly companion Sparx, fights against Gnasty Gnorc and his minions. Travelling throughout the five dragon realms, Spyro must free the other crystallized dragons, retrieve stolen eggs from annoying little thieves and collect gems that have been scattered all over the land (spoiler alert – therea??s a lot!). Once this has been achieved he must then make his way to the Sixth realm (Gnasty Gnorca??s world) where he has to defeat the evil critter himself once and for all.

#2 – Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage

a??Spyro 2: Riptoa??s Rage!a?? the second installment of the series, A?brings the return of our mini but mighty hero. Spyro is summoned to Avalar by the Professor, Hunter and Elora to help defeat the evil sorcerer Ripto (a tiny little dinosaur with weird eyebrows and major anger issues) and his two cronies Crush and Gulp. After Ripto declares war upon Avalar and holds its home worlds captive, it’s down to Spyro to save each homeworld. In this adventure, Spyro burns, bashes and charges his way through enemies while completing challenges, shooting targets and defeating angry ravenous dinosaurs.

#3 – Spyro: Year Of The Dragon

a??Spyro: Year of the Dragona?? is the third game of the series. In this game, ita??s once again down to Spyro and his companions to retrieve the Dragon eggs stolen by Bianca and the Rhynocs- the Sorceressa?? evil Rhino henchmen. Spyro must travel through the forgotten realms freeing hostages, completing challenges, collecting gems, dragon eggs and completing a perfect kickflip on a skateboard. Along with his friends he must defeat the evil sorceress and return all the baby dragons to the dragon realms.


Many changes have been made to the game and a lot of them are for the better. One major improvement that has been brought to the game is the quality of the graphics. They are just unquestionably better, where enemies in the original versions were just simple blobby characters, the newer remastered foes are defined perfectly, warts and all. Another improvement is the ability to control the camera. This is an awesome new addition as the original didn’t allow you to aim with the right analog stick. Leta??s not forget about the guide book feature. It lets you track your progress through each game. In addition to that, the book keeps track of your in game achievements known as Skill Points.

I personally, dona??t understand how this game is for seven year old’s. I found half of the game’s obstacles challenging – leading me to believe that the graphics, music and general quality of the game arena??t the only thing that have been changed. The joy and nostalgia the game brought to me though were worth the price I paid. Overall, Ia??d give the game a solid 9/10. Dona??t let my opinion sway you though; go get the game and decide for yourself!

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