Movie Review: Me Before You

KSI Sophie gives us an insight on a movie that touched her heart, Me Before You.

If you are looking for a truly heartbreaking and eyeopening movie, Me Before You is your best choice.

Although this movie is commonly saw as a “chick flick” upon release, Me Before You, starring The Hunger Games Sam Claflin, and Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke, has proved to hit the hearts of all viewers and audiences.

Warning, movie spoilers ahead.

Me Before You is a romantic novel written by Jojo Moyes. The book was first published on 5 January 2012 in the United Kingdom. It was later adapted into a movie and released on June 3rd 2016.

I have watched Me Before You twice in the last few weeks, and it truly has struck my heart in many ways, causing me to be up late at night thinking about life’s many wonders and treasures we’re given.

According to Wikipedia’s condensed movie summary, it states Me Before You stars young girl Louisa Clark, who must find a new job after being laid off from a café.

She finds work as a caregiver for Will Traynor, a cynical former banker who was completely paralyzed by a motorcycle accident two years prior. At first, he reacts coldly to her joyful nature, but they soon become friends and develop feelings for each other.

Louisa learns that Will has given his parents six months before they must bring him to Switzerland for euthanasia. Will cannot deal with the pain and suffering of his disability any longer.

Louisa secretly makes it her mission to change his mind and takes him on all the adventures that she can to prove that life is worth living. However, at their final trip to Mauritius with Will’s nurse Nathan, Will confesses he intends to follow through with the euthanasia and asks for her to accompany him.

She is heartbroken and does not speak to him the rest of the trip. After they arrive home, she goes to Switzerland to see Will in his final moments. After his death, he bequeaths her enough money to continue her education and instructs her to “live well”.

For me, this movie truly broke my heart. I cannot count on one hand the amount of movies that have truly sent shivers down my spine and kept me up late thinking. This movie is truly beautiful, as it shows that after living with a life threatening disability, sometimes, people just need to let go.

Not everyone can live with their disability, sometimes, having hope for it to get better isn’t even an option. What struck me most, was that although Louisa Clark tried so desperately to save Will Traynor and change his mind about laying down to perish, he still continued on with his euthanasia. I admire the fact that Will was able to stick to his decision, as he was suffering not only physically, but with the loss of his ability to do anything.

Sometimes, love is enough. Sometimes, it is not.

Sometimes, when we love someone so much, we have to learn to let them go and do what is right for them. This movie put my own selfishness to the test, when I realized if Will Traynor had have been in my life, I would have to let go.

In the box office, this movie grossed 200.1 million, much higher than it’s 20 million budget, an overall success for the crew involved. Though, it has received some backlash, this movie is incredible, and truly opened my eyes. I suggest watching it as well

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