Monthly Member Spotlight: KSI Spiffy – Feb 2018

Tune in to learn about one of KSI’s best and brightest, KSI Spiffy!

Member Introduction: KSI Spiffy

The featured Monthly Member Spotlight Winner for February is: KSI Spiffy! Also known as “The Spiffs”. Spiffy was recruited on 12/12/2017 she is currently the General of Legend LS. She has clearly stood out as a dedicated leader and mentor throughout Last Strike and the KSI Global Community.

Comments from Peers:

I interviewed KSI Spiffy myself, and I really got the sense of why her peers nominated her. A few things they said are:

KSI Memes proclaims:

“These past three years have been tough, I’ve had to deal with loss in every part of my life, with both friends and family. I lost my father, and when I became as antisocial as I was, you end up losing a lot of friends, even the good ones. But these last three months. They have felt like the best times of my life. I’ve never met someone who makes me so happy just to wake up in the morning. Someone can put on a smile and pretend that everything is alright, but as soon as they find that something that truly makes them happy they know it. and for me, that something is you.”

“I remember a new recruit asking you what it meant to be an officer, and you described it with such pin point accuracy that i was truly astonished. If there is anyone in KSI that deserves to be recognized, its you, for all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears you put into our community. And you are able to pull off all these things despite going to college and work.

You are truly amazing at everything you do, whether it be being a best friend, or being a member of KSI.
If its done by you, Its done well.”

You are appreciated.”

KSI Endgame adds on how Spiffy contributes to the “family feel” of KSI:

“She’s the one person who stands by you no matter what! She puts her best foot forward, tries her best, and helps to keep morale up in the squad! She’s always ready for a good laugh, loves to chill and have fun when she has the time. She’s there to assist her KSI Brothers and Sisters; She fights to make sure our division and squad are striving and in high spirits. She’s one of the few I’d stand by in the thick of it.”

KSI Spiffy Speaks

Apon interviewing KSI Spiffy I was truly amazed to see how dedicated and passionate she is about her members and officers. The dedication she displayed was inspiring to me and all who where present.

When asked about her future goals she said:

“I would like to become the LS Co-Div? Closer future, Co-Fo and to split my squad. I want everyone to feel like they always have someone to game with, and that they belong. When you are in KSI there is no judgement and you don’t have to worry about it.”

When asked how she thinks about winning the Member Spotlight she felt:

“Surprised, I didn’t know I could make such an impact on people’s lives. It’s amazing on how much of an impact I made and I want to continue.”

If KSI Spiffy could be any game character she would be :

“Tomb Raider, she is a B A! She is powerful and she was fearless and wasn’t afraid to take risks. Was not afraid to go for it!


Spiffy is truly an inspiration to everyone around her, and someone to look to for guidance. If she is any indication of what future leadership in KSI will look like, then a bright future awaits us all!

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