Member Spotlight: KSI AWOL

Check out what December has to say about KSI AWOL – KSI’s latest Member Spotlight winner!

Getting To Know AWOL

Meeting KSI AWOL was a lot like how I always imagined meeting Humphrey Bogart would be. Smooth. Classy. Respectable.

(This is how AWOL sounds over Xbox. I almost said “Yes sir” like 3 different times.)

–   –   –

AWOL was originally recruited in February of 2017 by KSI September (Now KSIxSeptember). He started in Ares DL, a Destiny squad at the time. Tired of having to rely on for raid groups, AWOL joined KSI in the hopes of having more dependable people teammates.

“I wanted to expand my horizons. Plus, I was looking for more PVE players to game with.”

AWOL transferred to DM in September of 2017. It wasn’t until April of this year that he began working his way up the ranks. When I asked him why he finally decided to accept an officer position and get more involved in the community, AWOL said,

“I really just wanted to pay it forward. The community has treated me well and now I have extra time to give back. One of the best ways I can do that is helping my squad and my division.”

I asked AWOL what his future goals were in KSI and where he saw himself down the road. He told me,

“I want to continue to rank up if I can. That’s what I’m working on. My ultimate goal is to be a Senior Director one day. KSI Gambit 7 has been a good example for me, especially after I transferred to DM. He was Division Leader at the time. To be honest, he kinda set the bar for me as far as rank goes.”

AWOL laughed a little when I asked him about his own squad’s dynamics.

“My squad is definitely like a family. We have disagreements occasionally. But I consider these people my family.”

The Important Questions

Is there a KSI member you respect above most others?

AWOL said, “KSI FluffyPup 7, a Co-Founder in DM. He’s one of the most level headed, think-outside-the-box people I’ve known. I really appreciate him.”

What’s your biggest personal goal right now, in regards to Clan Ops?

“I want to help get more DM members into our division’s Discord server. Specifically using the Quarrel app. It links to Discord via your console. This allows younger members to interact with the division if they don’t have the mobile Discord app.”

If you were trapped on an island for a year and could only play one game, what would it be?

“Destiny 2, for sure.”

Favorite superhero?

“Deadpool. I’m a big fan.”

If you could switch positions with someone else in KSI for a day, who would it be?

“Probably Gambit. I’d wanna try out his job for a day.”

Favorite music?

“Probably just popular music. Charlie Puth is one of my favorite artists.”

AWOL’s Awards

  • Monthly Member Spotlight
  • Captain OTM: DIV OTM
  • Squad Leadership Certified
  • Train the Trainer Certified
  • Basic Training Certified
  • New Member Certified
  • Education 101 Graduate
  • Member of the Month
  • Spirit Week 2018
  • Spring Break 2018
  • Spirit Week 2017
  • Spring Break 2017
  • Committed
  • Gamer Score Hoarder
  • Twitch Sub
  • Praise Be Thy Cat
  • I Love RiiOT
  • Luci’s Side
  • That’s So Fetch

If you have a chance to meet KSI AWOL, do it. There are few members I’ve had such a high opinion of after a simple 15 minute conversation. My only real hope is that one day he’ll put in a Join A Department application. He knows I won’t stop bugging him about it.

Keep an eye out for our next Member & 7 Spotlight event in October! The nomination thread will be posted in the AAP section on the forums.

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