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May 2020 Weekend Warfare Schedule

Come check out May’s line-up of Weekend Warfares!

It’s that time of month everyone. The May 2020 Weekend Warfares have been decided upon and the Community Choice Poll is live. Here is the full list of every Weekend Warfare happening in May and when each event will take place; as well as the options for the Community Choice Poll.

May 9th- Destiny 1 Sparrow Racing League
(This is a single player event)

May 16th- Uno Singles
(Please make an account on

May 23rd- Forza Horizon 4 B Class
(This is Road Racing, No Off-road)

May 30th- Minecraft Hunger Games
(The map has been created by the T&E Staff, so no one can have the advantage)

June 6th-  This montha??s community choice options!!!!!!

  • Overwatch Mystery Heroes 2v2
  • For Honor 1v1 Duel (Base Stats)
  • PUBG Solos
  • Totally Reliable Delivery Service 2v2

Please check the start times the events. Dona??t forget that sign ups close 2 hours prior to each event.

Any proxy posts must be approved by either KSI Dropshot 7 (Head of T&E) or KSI Galahad 7 (Co-Head of T&E)

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