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May 12th Weekend Warfare Black Ops 2 Recap

Did you miss Weekend Warfare? Don’t worry, News Team’s got you.

Weekend Warfare Black Ops 2

This week’s weekend warfare was hosted by KSI ShadowFoxx, KSI AllSrarRM17, and KSI The Joker 7. Huge shout-out to these members of T&E who came out and made these event a success. KSI RestNPeace7 from productions did the streaming for this weeks weekend warfare.A?Crimson Dawn & Dark Legions both tied for third place and put in a great effort to make it so far in the tournament. They will both receive extra participation points for their divisions.

The Winners Circle

The winning team that won the weekend warfare was made up of members in KSI from Explosive Outlaws, Wicked Destruction and Eternal Souls . They won the final match 4-3 and EO gave them a really close match to the end. Congratulations on the win.


Second Place

Team Captain: KSI Torra

Division: EO

Teammate: Gratz u failed

Division: EO

Teammate: exp gamer 1103

Division: EO

Teammate: I Jump For You

Division: EO

Winning Team

Team Captain: KSI Astral

Division: EO

Teammate: KSI AtomXGen

Division: ES

Teammate: Bio Zhi

Division: WD

Teammate: KSI HANGx2xLOW

Division: WD


Thank you to everyone who came out to the weekend warfare to represent your division. I know at the end of the day everyone appreciates you giving it your best shot and great job with the participation.

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