Lords of the Fallen: A Quick Look at Harkyn

I kept seeing trailers for this game and since it is being released in the next few days, but i thought a small talk about the story and parts of the game play. It has been said that this could be a better version of dark souls, we won’t know until the game has been released and people haven talked about its up and downs. but first a premise of what the story is….

This is a world like no other, where a man can never forget the sins he has committed . In Lords of the fallen you will be playing this game though the eyes of Harkyn, a criminal that is unable to forget his crimes; Because of every sin/crime he commits is quite literally carved into his skin.

The rulers of this world want to banish all evil from its presence, who knows what this could mean for the Harkyn. but when an army of the fallen forgotten gods attack the entirety of the realm, our anti-hero is released from his punishment with a sliver of chance at redeeming himself for his former past.

he goes on this dangerous journey with his former mentor, Kaslo, as they continue their path. They end up in Rhogar, a dimension that is completely occupied by demons and the dammed. you are able to forge alliances with other NPCs in the game.

As you move through the game the enemy will grow stronger and stronger which is want you would want from this type of game, and you will travel to areas that demons control to defeat them, so that Harkyn will finally have the redemption he has been seeking.

The overall system of combat combines a whole raft of complex skills that will join together mastering different types of weapons and abilities of the supernatural sort then added to the game with a huge assortment off armors, upgrades, shields and weapons.

This game seems to encourage you to explore its vast world because the more rare and better loot is found in dark treacherous places that no one in their right mind would travel to.

I really like the sound of this game, i will write a full review of the game a week after its release and share my thoughts about the full story and the game play, Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more stories from the News Team


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