Big News About KSI’s Weekend Events

KSI is adding another show to the weekly slate starting this week. Get the details on what to expect.

Good news, everyone!

We have some exciting news about a huge project we’ve been working during the last several months.

Part of our departments’ efforts to improve and expand have been focused on the Productions’ Team and increasing our Twitch programming.

We have been running the Weekly Update every Friday at 8 p.m. EST for the last five months, and the time has come to change the schedule and make it better for KSI.

That’s why beginning this Friday, Sept. 16, the 8 p.m. show will be changed in name from ‘Weekly Update’ to ‘Happy Hour.’

KSI Happy Hour will be an hour-long talk show in the same way the Weekly Update has been for the last five months.

We’re using the title ‘Happy Hour’ to reflect the laid-back nature and fun, variety-hour style of show KSI members can enjoy to signal the end of a tough work or school week and officially usher in a fun weekend.

What does this mean for Weekly Update?

The KSI Weekly Update will be moving to Mondays at 7 p.m. EST starting Monday, Sept. 19. The Weekly Update will become an hour-long show dedicated entirely to reviewing the last week and previewing the next week in KSI.

The panel will be discussing recent promotions, results from the previous week’s events and promoting the upcoming week’s events. They will go over the previous week’s meeting notes in detail and show why they are so important.

The expansion from one to two shows a week on Twitch is the next step in our departmental development plan.

We hope you tune in and spread the word about both shows and use this programming to further connect with other community members.

Weekend Warfare will continue to happen on Saturdays at 8 p.m. EST.

This week’s event is a Smite 3 v. 3 Joust. To sign up, click here.

A poster with this weekend’s events is posted below.


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