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KSI Speaks: What Is Your Why?

Every member has a reason as to why they joined our great community. Ever want to know why others have joined? Come check out what they had to say!

The Question

We all have a reason on why we joined KSI, and why we continue stay. This KSI Speaks comes asking “Why are you in KSI?” When you were recruited, you joined for one reason or another. It might have been for respective members to play with or a safe and organized place to relax. Let’s see what our members had to say!

The Responses


“Because KSI is a great gaming community that is full of amazing people I enjoy playing games with. I was recruited 1/7/19 and everyone here is amazing and great to hang out with. It’s the closest thing to a military family I have had since I got out.”


“The reason why I’m in KSI is when I first got recruited back in 2016, I wanted to see how it was, but when I got more involved into KSI is why I loved it. It is because there is so much to do here. It’s not just getting on and play with people. There are major game nights, tournaments and fun stuff like Weekend Warfare. You have Departments you can join, which makes it more interesting. All members can get awards for their hard work, this shows you get noticed. Ranking up is just amazing. KSI (Knowledge Strength Integrity) just one of the best Gaming Communities I know. Just more fun and be part of. This is why I’m here.”

KSI ShaynePain

“I joined KSI because I like the military structure and ranking system! I’ve been in community clans since the age of 15, just starting out in a junior squad. I was a general at the age of 16 and that’s the highest I ever got in XGN. Now I’m in KSI and plan on being here way past a general and I love it because everyone is so friendly!”

KSI ImPyyy 7

“When I joined KSI in June 2011, it was originally as a joke. KSI iLLuSiioN 7 and I decided to leave and disband a small organization we created to join KSI for no other reason than to race up the ranks in a friendly competition. When we got recruited in however, we realized how complex KSI was, and how important it was to so many people.”

“As I met more people and heard their stories, shared my own, and gamed together and bonded, I just sort of fell in love with what KSI does and what it stands for. It morphed over time from a fun race to the top to a real, genuine interest to rank up and offer a better experience to the members in my squad and division, and now the community. That desire hasn’t gone away in the last 7.5 years, despite various breaks in service. There’s something for everyone and that’s why I’m here.”

KSI Winter Fox

“I was getting bored with games is why I joined. KSI gave me a chance to have more friends and create new experiences. That is my why.”

KSI Follow

“I joined KSI because I was looking for a family of gamers and to make friends while playing games.”

KSI ApexWolf

“I’m KSI ApexWolf. I joined to become a better leader, or at least see why my friends say I have the leadership mindset, and to earn the 7’s title, hopefully earning the respect of everyone I look up to and have along the way. I value knowledge, wisdom, respect, and honor. My inspiration is Eyonia 7, Got Em 7, TexAngel, Reapers20107 and BadKitty 7. Everyone started from the bottom, but I watched Eyo, Got Em, and Reapers the most, and their training is what made me what I’m today.”

KSI Gary 7

“The main reason I joined the community was to have some Battlefield 1 people to play with. As I moved up the ranks I decided I wanted to help create an awesome atmosphere for everyone within the community!”

KSI Grifful

“I joined KSI to be a leader again. I recently left the U.S. Army and the structured environment KSI gives me does me wonders. I really enjoy the atmosphere we have created as a community. One of the main motivators that made me want to join KSI, was I wanted to be a really good leader people could depend on.”

KSI Scotland 7

“Many years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would continually better myself, and rise as high as I could to help the community, specifically the members who couldn’t help themselves. I was very lucky when I was a member being in the situation where I couldn’t help myself. I had a senior leader pick me back up and set me on a path to success. Now I try on the day-to-day to help members, by playing with them and advising them on the best way forward. I am very fortunate to be able to run department ops, in which I can place members under leaders I am watching over to make sure they have the proper support structure in place to keep both their KSI experience and personal development moving in the right direction.”

KSI Nagisa

“Well the reason I joined KSI was I looking for people to play games with I was running solo for years. Then I came across the KSI YouTube channel, I thought it looked interesting so I decided to ge on the forums and put in a rejoin app. Since I joined KSI I haven’t felt welcome in any other gaming community out there, and I’m truly happy that they allowed me to join KSI. I’m glad I can call KSI my home, and that I have met so many people in KSI to make me feel welcome. So my answer is KSI is my home.”


“The original reasons why I joined are still relevant today, but I had no idea honestly how good of a thing I was getting into. My original intent upon joining was to group up with more people to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with back in 2012. I had friends and a brother in the community, and I figured why not join up as they seemed to be having fun. This is still a relevant reason as to why I am here now. Gaming is the basic thing that brings us all together.”

“Another large reason why I am here still is that KSI is this whole other world that can allow me to disassociate myself from my life when I need a break. Yes, I still have responsibilities within the community. Yes, there are times I do what others might consider “work” instead of fun. But there is something about doing things for the community that just feels nice to get away from my everyday life sometimes.”

“Probably the most important reason that I am still here is the friendship and support. I have made friends here that I have been close with for 6 years, I have met some members outside of Xbox both here in the states and even when I took a vacation to Germany. It’s amazing how whether we have or haven’t met, that all of us stay as close as we do. I know people who have had my back, and we have helped each other through some serious Poop. It’s like an extended family here for me.”

“Those are the reasons why I originally joined KSI, and the reasons why I have and will continue to stay. KSI can be so much more than just a gaming community if you let it.” 


“I joined KSI to give me something to do in my spare time which I have A lot of. To be part of something and make a difference one member at a time. To make new friends to game with. I got tired of gaming alone all the time, so when I was approached and given the opportunity to join I took it. And I don’t regret it not one bit KSI is where I belong.”


“I joined KSI for a lot of reasons. One to better me as a person and to have a bigger and better gaming experience with friends. Why I chose to stay is it just feels like family. I am comfortable in my squad. I’m always talking or playing with somebody. I have people in the division that I can go to if I need help with something or if I need to talk to somebody about something. Everybody is just so nice. They’re amazing people and that is the reason I joined and choose to stay.”


“So my first contact with KSI was in 2006 on Halo 2. I played a lot of H2 and in a lot of games, I‘d see people with KSI in their gamer tags which got me wondering. What is KSI? Eventually, I’d receive a message from a KSI member (who remains to be a friend of mine to this day) who would recruit me into KSI for the first time.”

“Over the years I’ve be in and out of KSI, a few times but when life allowed it I’d always come back, simply because I love this community. It’s always given me a home, a place I feel like I always belong no matter what. I want that for all of our members which is why I’m here and will always be so people who love to game, want to meet people, want a place they will always be accepted to have a place they can go. If I can help and contribute to that in any way I’d do it.” 

“What always puts us above over communities I think you can contribute to this community is so many ways, there’s something for everyone. That’s why I’m in KSI.”

KSI xAgent

“My why would be to meet new people and to grow in leadership.”

KSI Moon 77

“I joined KSI to get better at SMITE. I’ve never been much of the social type, (lol) but once I joined KSI I gained an ironclad relationship with some amazing people. KSI to me is a movement, not just a community. It’s a place where I learned how to be a leader and to hope for something bigger than myself. I was approached by KSI Ronin 77 and KSI Guyy 77,  and until then
I never wanted to become an officer . They put their trust in me to help make the squad better and that’s the type of spirit and perseverance KSI embodies. A community of support and friendship. To me it’s not the reason as to why I joined but the reason that I’m still here as a Co-founder.”


“My buddy Tempest and I would only really play by ourselves. We joined KSI to meet new people and hopefully gain a few friends along the way. I’d say it was all worth it.”


“I originally joined KSI through a real life friend. He was in KSI at the time and I was always over at his house and had played with KSI a few times.decided that I would join KSI. The reason I stay in KSI is the people and the friendships I had made while in KSI! I love the people who are here and I could never just up and leave all the friends I have made in the process of being here. This community is great and everyone plays a wide variety of games so I know that if I get a new game, I’ll always have someone to play with.”


“In my time here I’ve been asked numerous questions, but not one so thought-provoking as what is my why. For the longest time, I wasn’t able to grasp the concept because I didn’t know. But as time went on I began to understand what it was. My why is the members of the community and it will always be that. Whether it’s helping them out in various ways in KSI, Life, or gaming issues. At the end of the day, you never know what effect you will have on them. You can achieve so much in your time here but to change someone’s perspective or outlook on something then that makes everything worthwhile.”

KSI NateDor

“I joined KSI because I was offered a spot while playing Halo 3 back in 2014. I’ve been in and out ever since. I basically grew up in KSI and I stay because theirs always some new people to talk to and hang out with.”


As you can all see there are many reasons people join KSI, and why they have decided to stay. The most important thing to do is to find your place in the community. Thank you, everyone for your responses. I’m concluding this article with my own why.

KSI xKamikaze

“I joined KSI to see what a gaming community was all about. Starting to know people more, I began to feel a bond that couldn’t be broken even when I wasn’t in the community. At this point, I realized there are some amazing members in KSI. The main reason I remain in KSI now is that I love helping people and making a difference. You can do this at any rank in the community.”

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