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KSI Speaks: Best Friends

Best friends are hard to come by. When you find them, don’t let them go.

“Who is your best friend and why?”

Hello KSI! I know we all have so many friends in this wonderful community, but I also know that we have friends outside of KSI. I want to know about who is most important to you. This month I’m asking Who is your best friend and why are they your best friend?


The Responses

Real Life – Lauren, bestie of 9 years, basically my sister. Lolly has been there for me through so many hard times, including my best. She has relentlessly stuck by my side. I’m literally so lucky to have her in my life and am eternally grateful to her and for all she has done and continues to do for me.

KSI – if you have to ask then we aren’t as close as i’d thought *sobs* but no, real talk it’s a tie between you [KSI FadeZ 7] and Kami [KSI xKamikaze]. You’re both incredible people that I can always count on for support and advice. Neither of you ever fail to cheer me up when I’ve had a bad day and both constantly check me on my shit and call me out when I’m acting like an asshole. Both of you do so much for me and are constant pillars of support for me. I’m constantly laughing because of the joy you guys bring to my life. I truly appreciate the pair of you, which in your case is actually quite funny as I couldn’t stand you when we first met. Sorry but we both know it’s true”

KSI xMinion

“My best friend would hands down be KSI AIRBORNE 7. Me and this guy have been best friends since sophomore year of high school. We’ve been through quite a lot together, we’ve always had each others backs and always will. I was recently just made the godfather to his child and I am very honored to be apart of him and his wife’s future. He also made me the best man in his wedding. We’ve grown through the ranks of KSI together but our friendship will always be more than that.”

KSI Kakashii 7

Real life best friend? I would say my real life best friend would have to be my wife. The reason she is my best friend is because well, she’s the mother of my children, she is my soulmate and we can tell each other anything. We have been together for seventeen years with three kids. I have had “supposed best friends” but they always leave and my wife is there to pick me back up and keep going. Even when I am a complete asshat, we say our peace, kiss and make up and are best friends again, and that’s why she is my real life best friend!
KSI best friend? I don’t know to be completely honest – its a toss up between KSI AJAnthony95 and KSI TinyNSweet. They are both awesome members. AJ is a great friend because he helps me as I help him with anything KSI related and we can talk for hours on end. Then there is TinyNSweet – we are great friends because we always make each other bust out laughing sometimes at the stupidest things. She is the first person I actually look for when I get online just to say hey what’s up? Both of these 2 members are my greatest KSI friends.
Overall I have very FEW real life friends due to most of them disappointing me and or my family in one way or another losing my respect in them. Since I have joined KSI it is like a second family to me. Out of everyone I have met here in KSI, there is no one I don’t like. I might disagree with some, but none I do not like and that’s why I want to stay in KSI until I’m old and frail and wither away!”

KSI VorTeX81

My best friend in KSI is an will definitely always be KSI xKing 77. You meet people all the time here but when you meet someone who is on the same wavelength as you, then your connected for as long as you’re here and long after that. At the beginning we started out as Gens, then going after that to Co-Founders. At the end of the day, we’ve ended up as brothers.”


I really don’t have any real life best friends but my KSI best friend is Kalakoi. Me and Kalakoi came up the ranks together back in HD in different squads and became 7’s together. He has always made me feel welcome and like a real friend. I know I can talk to him about anything. When I send him party invites he always comes. He is also one of the nicest guys you will meet. He bought me stuff before without me even asking him to just because he wanted to play that game with me. I know I have not met him in person but I feel like I know him personally. There is so much I can say about why he is my best friend in KSI but the main reason is because I know I can always count on him and always have someone to play with.”

KSI Taywick 77

My best friend is KSI FadeZ 7 because we have known each other for five or more years now. He’s been my go-to person for everything and he is the only person who I could talk to for hours.I feel like i’m not ever wasting his time when we plot about being the future Chairman’s of the community. He and I share the people we love but we get angry if someone tries to take the other from us! He’s my bestie at heart.”

KSI Greenday 7

“KSI Taz. We share all our secrets and can talk about anything to one another. He is kind, caring, and sweet. We have pulled each other through each other’s tough times. He has a big heart. We have been together for twenty years and on the day we hit fourteen years being together, we went and did our vows.”

KSI Tiger 77

My best friend is Andrew, doesn’t matter if we are gaming, working together, or anything in between – we make an awesome team. We may not always see eye to eye on things but there is no one else I would rather have on my team. When I first met Andrew, he was barely a gamer. He had really only played grand theft auto on his computer. When we were dating, one of the first things we did was play Just Cause 3 together. Passing the controller back and forth, destroying the world. Even though I’m far better than him at video games, I still enjoy handing him the controller to play for me. His first introductions to KSI may have not been the best but part of having to love me is having to love KSI because we go hand in hand. Him always being willing to put up with squad meetings, game nights, and me dealing with issues at one in the morning all contribute to why Andrew will always be my best friend.


Shut up, FadeZ. You know I hate people.

Totally kidding. Best friend in real life would have to be my cousin Lindsey. She and I have been buddies since we were two years old. We grew up together, we’ve gone to school together (middle, high and college), we’ve played sports together (track, XC, ski team, swim team), we’ve climbed more mountains together than I can count, we’ve been through the absolute worst times together. And we both like olives. She’s the one person who understands me and can put up with my sarcasm and obsession with rock climbing. I’m the one person who can put up with her insane knowledge about EVERYTHING and the 18 pounds of mint ice cream inhabiting our freezer. There’s no one I’d rather tear apart the world with. Go on a road trip with. Or argue about politics with. I’d be a much lesser person if it wasn’t for her.

Best friend in KSI would be a tossup between KSI Hatter 77 and KSI Scotland 7. They’re both amazing friends for different reasons but equally important to me. I’ve argued with both of them, accomplished awesome things with both of them, and sunk Skeleton Ships with both of them. Some bonds can never be broken. Valar Morghulis.

KSI December 77


My Thoughts

Well folks, this honestly was an amazing way to learn about our members. It’s always nice to get to know others. For me, my best friend is this awesome girl named Terra. We met 7 months ago and have been almost inseparable since, going on random adventures and at random times. Things like driving hours to a concert last minute or just sitting and complaining about the world together while eating wings or throwing dinner rolls at each other in a car after a night out. I honestly can say I’ve ever had more fun with anyone else in my life. She’s always there when I need her and refuses to let me face anything alone. Even if we don’t agree on something, we are always a team. Having a best friend like that is the most valuable thing in the world and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. Thank you for reading, guys and gals! I look forward to seeing you next time!

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