Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

KSI Speaks: What Are You Most Thankful For?

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, see what some of our members had to say when asked what they were most thankful for!

Thankful & Involved

Hello KSI! For this month’s article, I wanted to touch on the holiday season of Thanksgiving. Here in America we use the holiday as an opportunity to unite and come together with our families and friends. It’s a time to be thankful for those special people and things in our lives. Now, while not everyone here in KSI is American, we still all have things and people we are thankful for. So for this I wanted to ask you – “What are you most thankful for?”

The Response

KSI GreendayFox

“I am thankful that I can walk and spend time with my daughter. I was in the most traumatic car accident of my lifeA? recently. I was left with a broken leg and I actually lost one of my daughters – so I am very happy I have Abigail and the love of my life to help me everyday. I am also thankful for my close friends in KSI who make everything okay for me and calm my worries.”

KSI ApolloBelow

“I’m most thankful to be where I am. Since 18 (now 24) I have been homeless, on and off. Through trial and error and the support of my aunt and friends -I’m here. With a roof over my head, a job, in college. I couldn’t be more thankful.”

KSI Dovahkiin 6

“Well I’m thankful for being able to be a part of this community. For having a family in here and having people to talk to. I’m thankful for King because of how he helped me. I’m thankful for everyone that has helped me rank up and improve.”

KSI Harmony 7

“I am thankful for my family. I have been through some very rough stuff. Some of the time they contributed to that but, usually I get their backing and their support. No matter what happens with finances or the passing of loved ones, they are always there.”

KSI Hatter 7

“I reckon I would have to say my husband. We have our ups and downs like most couples but we have a strong bond that keeps us together. There has been heartache on both sides in our past and I think that’s why we just click. My husband grounds me (in the good way!). He’s given me fantastic children, has calmed my lifestyle down, and is an all around amazing man who cares more for his family than he does himself. He even “allows” me to play my Xbox when I want to. A girl couldn’t be thankful for much of anything else.”

KSI Hellsknight

“I’m thankful for KSI HAVOC 7 for playing games with me and helping me become all I can be in KSI. Also I’m thankful for KSI Bane for recruiting me and bringing me in.”


“My Heath and financial stability so far, lol.”


“I’m most thankful for my friends and family in an out of KSI.”


“My friends and my family.”

KSI Kommandant

“I can provide a detailed response, but I am most thankful for the military. That is to say the veterans who fought, died, and survived our wars regardless of the reason. The military today and of all the opportunities it gave my family and which it continues to provide for peoples of all backgrounds today, myself included. And of course, you.”


“I’m thankful for the support I have in my life. From both my family and friends. Life can be a real downer but the people that matter most are the people that make getting through things even a little easier.”

It’s very nice to know that we all have things, people, places and so much more to be thankful for. Myself personally – I’m thankful for my friends, my family, my significant other and all of you here in this great community that help me get through the tough days and make the good days even better. So thank you all for everything you do here and thank you for reading our articles!

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