KSI Speaks: Movie Nights & Popcorn Fights

What’s your favorite movie to watch with friends? Are you a comedy type of person? Or is horror more your thing? How about those MCU films though?

There is nothing I like more than watching a good movie with a bunch of friends. The vibe is just so much better when you know that someone’s watching it along with you. I love it all – the atmosphere, the commentary, the reactions, all of it. More often than not, myself and my fellow KSI compadres will all gather round in a party (granted we do probably spend about an hour deliberating on what to watch before we actually make a decision) and watch a movie together.

This got me thinking, what is the most popular movie genre to watch with friends? So I decided to take the question to the community and some of the answers I got were quite interesting. Here’s what your fellow KSI companions had to say…

Comedy, because me and comedy have something in common. We always make people laugh and I like that. I also think action is a great genre because I find the adventure aspect behind it, like marvel films for example really enjoyable. They have great storylines and are easy to follow.


Action and adventure movies, because they’re fun to view with my kids and my friends. My kids may be a pain in my ass but I love to watch movies with them.


I think it would be Action and anything to do with martial arts because they’ve always held interest to me and my friends.

KSI gespi

Horror and zombie, because they just, well, they bring out emotions and stuff and it’s fun to see how different people react. People are kept involved and they’re certainly not boring that’s for sure.


Superhero movies. I like them because I grew up in the bronx and that was a really rough area to be raised in. I had to hide my love for comics because they weren’t ‘cool’ until it became an acceptable medium thanks to Hollywood. I was then able to share my love for them with my friends and family without judgement. It’s nice to share my passion for them with my daughter and see her enjoy what I grew up reading when I was younger.


Horror, because movies such as alien build suspense which I find riveting. I also enjoy it because it’s quite funny seeing my friends reactions as they get grossed out.

KSI Galahad 7

Marvel cinematics definitely. I’d choose them because they’re easy to watch films and if you watch them with your friends, they can’t spoil them for you later. I’m a geek and a nerd so I enjoy watching to see how they’ve adapted the films. It’s always interesting to see what they’ve added, changed or missed out from the original comics.

KSI Akame 7

For me comedies are always a go to genre. You can watch them with anybody and make some great memories as well. Most of the time I’m not able to watch certain action or horror movies because my wife suffers from PTSD,so comedies are something we can enjoy together.

KSI Siggy

Comedies are the go to for sure, but action movies are also a good shout (John Wick) or films with a comedic element (Snatch).


We always turn out the lights, popcorn and drinks at the ready and put on a jumpy horror movie or psychological thriller!! No matter what time of say it is!! Guaranteed someone can’t make it to the end without ‘having to make a phone call’! Last week it was the turn of Sinister 2, and because we’ve all got the weekend off next weekend we’re doing an insidious marathon…. That will be interesting!!!

KSI Hexyphenia

Me and my friends enjoy the horror type movies and the avengers of course! Can’t wait for Pet sematary and avengers end game to come out!

KSI Follow

I think almost any movie or show is better watched with friends, provided you are all on the same page. If we are watching a goofy comedy, anything is game. If we are watching something serious like Game of Thrones, we are all quiet and paying direct attention to every little detail. With my family and friends get together to watch all kinds of things.


Anything with action I’m not big on sappy love stories anymore. They were my go to movies with my Mom. And I can’t stand stupid comedy, I don’t mean I think comedies are stupid either I mean I love a good comedy but movies where people play stupid irritate me. Lol so yeah that’s my story and. I’m sticking to it.


The best genre of movies to watch with friends is action/comedy movies, I think this because its gets a thrill going and adrenaline pumping with everyone and it also gives everyone a good laugh during the movie.

KSI Jdog5006

Well I suppose it depends on your group of friends really. If you’re with the girls disney or romance is the go to but when you’re with the guys it’s gotta be Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of action thrillers. If the crowd is mixed the easiest thing to do is take a vote so everyone can have a choice and express their opinion.


I found myself thinking after putting that question out there and realized that there is in fact no perfect genre. As long as you’re surrounded by friends and the vibe is good, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re watching ‘Bad Boys II’ or ‘The Care Bears’. All that matters is that you’re all having a good time. At the end of the day isn’t that what matters?

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