Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

KSI Speaks: Mayonnaise On Hotdogs?

Summer time and cookouts are here! Our latest KSI Speaks poll asked, “Does mayo go on hotdogs?” Find out what our members had to say!

With summer out in full force, the grills, cookouts, and bbq’s have once again graced us with their presence. This time of year brings out the best and worst of food habits too. With that being said, our latest KSI Speaks question is brought on the basis of food habits: “Does mayo actually go on hotdogs? Why or why not?” Come see what the members of our amazing community had to say!

The Responses

“Gross no. Maybe on a burger, but not on my hotdog.”

KSI xKing 77

“I don’t even like mayo, so heck no.”

KSI Coffee

Hell no. But everything else is ok. Ketchup, relish, mustard that stuffs good on it. Might just be the creamy texture that throws me off.

KSI Ronin 77

“Yea, because mayo is better than ketchup!!!”


“Mayo can go on hotdogs. It’s a good dressing like ketchup and mustard. Who knows, it might have a good interesting taste to it, but I’ve never personally tried it.”

KSI Vonner 7

“No! It just doesn’t combine right. Mayo should never go on a hotdog. Not a good combination at all. However, chili on a hotdog is delicious!”

KSI Shadowz

“Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve never tried it, but I’d be willing too though. It maybe could.”

KSI MFLSwagg 7

“No Mayo doesna??t go on Hot Dogs because ita??s not the Chicago way. Thata??s like Dipping french fries in mayo.”

KSI xKamikaze

“I mean if you want it to, then sure. It’s whatever you like in the end. Me though? No way I don’t like mayo anyways. But who am I to say you can’t?”

KSI Taywick 77

“Mayo on a hotdog? I don’t personally put it on there but some people might like it. I’ve never tried it.”

KSI AtomXGen

“Mayo is only good on a hotdog if you put ketchup with it. You get the tang and the smooth textures. Alone though? No.”

KSI PandyLeafy

“No! Lol Mayo is gross. End of story.”


“Yes, mayo goes with ketchup and ketchup goes on hotdogs, that’s like saying chili don’t go on them.”

KSI Follow

“Mayo does go on hot dogs. A hot dog is just a long sandwich so why not?”

KSI SnowQueen

“No I don’t know why, but it’s just not right.”


“Oh Lord yes! Slather that Dukes mayo ALL OVER my bread!!! Gimme a good ol Nathan’s hotdog or brat, chili, diced onion, mustard, and some coleslaw and I am in Heaven!!!!”

KSI Hatter 77

The Final Verdict

Welp, it seems like the community has spoken. AND THEY ARE WRONG!!! nah, just kidding. Everyone has their own tastes and are allowed to eat whatever they want, however they want. To those who do believe mayo goes on hotdogs, keep on keeping on! You all are what makes this world a better place to fight for! As always, thank you to our participants for yet another glorious KSI Speaks article!

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